2019-2020 Staff

Carli Cooper

Managing Editor

Carli Cooper was born and raised in Madison, Miss. Away from school, she can be spotted at any Taco Bell ordering food that she won't even finish, playing with her beloved dog, Bear, and nonstop singing at the very top of her ...

Ephraim Hill

Sports Editor

Marcus Goodloe

Sports Editor

Marcus Goodloe is 5'6 143 pound running back for THE Canton Academy Panthers. He also runs track and plays basketball. He plans to attend Mississippi State University to play football but if that doesn't work out he wants...

Mackenzie Scott Pyron

Photography Editor

Mackenzie Scott Pyron, born and raised in Jackson Miss. It is very common to find her at your local Prickly Hippie enjoying a a cupcake or a sugar frosted brownie. When she's not out and about you can find her at the mo...

Jake Jurney

Staff Writer

Jake Jurney likes to play football, tennis, and hunting. Jake is from Pisgah, Miss. and still remains there today. Jake plans on going to Holmes Community College for two years and and then go to Mississippi State University and ...

Carter Martin

Staff Writer

Carter Martin is a firm believer in CA FOREVER! His sophomore year at Canton academy will be his 12th year. He was born and raised in Canton Miss. He loves playing football, basketball, track, and golf. He plans to attend "any col...

Carrington Curtis

Staff Writer

Carrington Curtis enjoys track and cross country , listening to music and cooking. She is from Canton Miss. She plans to attend college at the University of Mississippi to run for the track and cross country team, and ...

Gaston Walker

Staff Writer

Gaston Walker enjoys playing baseball, watching movies. He plays outfield for the Canton Academy Panthers. He is from Ridgeland, Miss. He is planning to go to University of Mississippi to pursue a degree in medicine. ...

Cole Mcknight

Staff Writer

Cole Mcknight has lived in Canton, Miss. all of his life. He is a sophomore at Canton Academy and plays football, baseball, and is on the track and field team. Cole plans to attend The University of Mississippi and pursue a ...

Holden Chandler

Staff Writer

Holden Chandler is 6'2 210 lbs who likes to play football and tennis, likes to sleep only 3 hours a day, and  hunt. Holden is from Canton Miss. born and raised. Holden plans to go to Mississippi State Universit...

Jake Ramsey

Staff Writer

Jake Ramsey is a student athlete at Canton Academy. Where he participates in football, track and field. He plans to attend Mississippi State University for veterinary school. He intends to become a large animal travel vet.

Chaney Hale

Staff Writer

Chaney Hale enjoys hanging out with friends outside of school as well as fishing and chilling at home. He is from Canton, Miss. and he still lives in Canton. He plans on going to Mississippi State University to major in Vet...

Jordan Price

Staff Writer

Jordan enjoys lifting, playing football, and playing Xbox. Jordan is from Starkville Miss. Jordan plans on going Mississippi State University and major in veterinary medicine.

Madi Cochran

Staff Writer

Madelynn Cochran is from Canton, Miss. She enjoys playing softball, basketball, tennis, and running track and cross country. She also enjoys cheering for the Canton Academy Panthers. She plans to cheer in college at Holmes Commu...

Colton Ellis

Staff Writer

Colton Ellis enjoys playing football, hunting, baseball, golf, fishing, and working on his truck. He's from Canton, Miss. and played baseball with many of the Panthers at Dixie Youth right around the corner from their high...

Brooklyn Ladner

Staff Writer

Brooklyn enjoys sleeping, eating and playing softball. She is from Rankin County. She plans to go to The University of Mississippi and major in Chemistry and Pre Med.

Emma Grace Poquette

Staff Writer

Emma Grace enjoys playing basketball, eating food, and sleeping. She is from Canton Miss. She plans to go to Mississippi State University and major in pre med.

Jake Jurney

Staff Writer

Aaron Lindsey

Staff Writer

Aaron Lindsey favorite thing to do is shoot for his school sporting clay's team. He loves to hunt and fish. Aaron is from Canton Miss. He plans to go college at Iowa State University. However, he says getting his degre...

Collin Gray

OpEd/Entertainment Editor

Collin Ayinde Gray enjoys running, reading, and dancing. He was born in Jackson, but currently lives in Canton. Once Collin is done boogieing through the Canton Academy hallways he will attend Delta State University and major...

Starr Spivey

News Editor

Starr Spivey enjoys playing softball, cheering on Friday nights, and watching Netflix. Starr also plays basketball and does track. Starr is from Canton Miss. and she has been going to Canton Academy for ten years. She plans t...



Raleigh enjoys playing sports, hunting, and fishing. She is from Canton Miss. She plans on going to Mississippi State University and be a pre-med major.

Mrs. Courtney Warren


Courtney Warren is a columnist and an English teacher at Canton Academy. She graduated from Hollins University with a master's degree in Children’s Literature and is an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers...

Madison Blakely

Features Editor

You can find Madison singing along to any song that comes on. Madison enjoys watching scary movies all night and laughing along with her friends. In the mornings, you can find her cooking biscuits and gravy (hopefully not though...

Nora Smith

Art Director

Nora Smith enjoys making small animations of stories she writes, drawing comics, as well as reading them, and scrolling through Instagram laughing at horribly unfunny memes. She's from Canton, Miss. and spends her time catching...