Jordan and Goodloe want football future

Alijah Otis, Staff Writer

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Dakota Jordan,15, plays football for Canton Academy and is a transfer student from Nichols Middle School and plays running back and linebacker.
Jordan has several plans to improve his game performance and said he will run the ball harder and gonna try to get two touchdowns a game.

Jordan was disappointed in himself during the recent Pillow game and had only one touchdown.
The last game against Pillow Academy he said he only had one touchdown.
He was grateful for that touchdown because he almost tripped at the five yard line.
Jordan said he especially wants to stop being cocky about winning.
Also he wants to quit playing around while running the ball.
He is an important player in Jr, High because he starts and got the most touchdowns.
Jordan said he wants to get in the habit of eating healthy and drinking more water during game

Jordan’s dream is to go pro for a NFL or MLB when he gets older and his skills progress.
I asked him what happened in the Starkville game and he said, “we got blown out but we win some and lose some, that is the way this sport goes. Nobody’s team is just perfect.”

Marcus Goodloe came to CA in the sixth grade and plays running back and defensive back.
His goals are to catch up with Dakota touchdowns.
He said on both defense and offense he need to communicate more and especially with the line so
they know what they are doing.
Goodloe is important to the team is because he is a good defensive player that gets alot of tackles. On offense he plays running back and get a lot of yards.
Marcus said from now on he will have to be mentally focused and go over the main plays that they
“Hopefully I get a scholarship from a good college for football,” he said.
Goodloe gets his football experience from his dad. Marcus’s dad is a football coach. His dad coached him and now he play for Canton Academy.
In regards to the game against Starkville, “It was a tough lose but we gave it our all, we fought till the end.”

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Jordan and Goodloe want football future