CA cards students

Lane Patterson, Staff Writer

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Recently at Canton Academy we have gotten ID Cards.

The ID Cards are for when we go to break or lunch and that is how we pay for our food.

The school tracks of what food and drinks you buy, however there are a few kinks that need to be worked out regarding the ID cards. 

It takes too long to get food because the lines are longer and move slowly.

I believe it was better before when we didn’t have to pay with an ID card.

There is a barcode on the id card, we put it under a scanner, it brings our account up, then they press in what we have and charge us.

If you don’t have your card you have to get to the back of the line and wait for the people with cards to get their food and then you can buy food.

The lines last half of the lunch time.

Some people don’t even get to finish their food.

Also at break on chapel schedule nobody can finish their food.

Chapel schedule cuts break by a lot so you have to hurry up and eat your food.

People end up wasting their money because they don’t get to eat their food.

The ID cards messed up the whole lunch system and made lunch harder for the people who forget their ID cards.

Other than saying why we don’t need the ID card there are ways we could make the ID cards work out better.

So since the ID cards take forever to scan them and everything we should get multiple scanners to it wouldn’t take as long.

This would also allow us to have more than one line, which could move students through the line faster.

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Lane Patterson, Staff Writer

Lane Patterson is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is a staff writer for The Panther Post. He likes to sleep, eat food, and shoes. He does not like homework. He plans to be a chiropractor when he grows up.

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CA cards students