From learning to teacher: Earnhart

Abbey Magee, PP Staff Writer

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Straight from college to kindergarten teacher Tori Earnhart comes to Canton Academy.

Earnhart recently graduated from Mississippi College where she received her early childhood major.

She played basketball at Mississippi College as well,she was very talented when it came to basketball.

She is very involved with the school even though she hasn’t been here long.

Earnhart is a kindergarten teacher, the junior high girls basketball coach, and a softball coach.

CA has welcomed her into their family and she is ready to take on the journey with them.

Earnhart came to CA to because her dad Trey Earnhart,the Principle of CA and her two brothers Jonathan and Nathan Earnhart went to school here.

When CA had an opening to teach kindergarten she took the job.

With the activities Earnhart does at this school teaching the kids is her main priority.

Earnhart likes the kindergarten  group because it is her favorite grade and age to work with.

So far so good at CA Earnhart is loving it here.

Earnhart loves the family atmosphere CA gives and she loves the kids the works with.

“I get to see my at home family here everyday,” she said.

CA is more comforting to her knowing that she can see her dad and brothers everyday and to be able to see them and spend time with them.

Earnhart  loves her kids and says,“there is definitely never a dull moment with them.”

When asked if she would ever want to teach upperclassmen Earnhart  gave a very specific answer.

“No, I like kindergarten and below,I love my babies and I don’t want to teach anyone older.”

Earnhart says that her kids are for the most part good and are so much fun.         

“They aren’t really good or bad. They are the best.”

Earnhart explained that the punishment system for this grade is a clip system and if your bad you get put on a specific color and if your good you stay on green.

She also explained that everyday your parents are informed on what color you are on each day.

“At the end of the week if you have the best behavior you get the treasure box.”

Earnhart says that usually it is nothing serious like it is at the high school where you get suspended, expelled or detention.

Nothing bad really ever happens at the elementary in the kindergarten grade because the kids all want the treasure box at the end of the week for good behavior.

Overall, Earnhart loves at the big CA and loves the benefits it brings to her life.

Earnhart only dislikes one thing about teaching kindergarten and it breaks her heart every year.

When asked what this was she said,“That my kids have to leave me to go to first grade.”

Earnhart loves hers kids and really connects with them throughout the school year.

She forms a special bond with her kids to make them have a happy environment at school as well as for her teaching environment.


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From learning to teacher: Earnhart