Speed Bumps on Campus

Alijah Otis, Staff Writer

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Canton Academy needs speed bumps.

The cars coming from the side of the school and from the field house are always flying at breakneck speeds.

Speed bumps will slow them down and make less accidents. The other day an unknown elderly man with grey hair almost got run over by a young teen in a grey lincoln car.

It would not have been a close call if there was speedbumps. Speed Bumps will reduce speed by 5 miles per hour. If people go over speed bumps too fast it will mess up there car and especially their shocks.

This is how they will learn to drive slower on campus. The maximum height should be 4 inches from the ground. Also it is safe for drivers and pedestrians.

We should have a police officer monitoring the speed of the people going around our campus. This would not even come about if people had common sense to not speed ot school property. It should be on the high school side as well.

This is a safe thing to take into consideration. If we can spend our money on vending machines, better lunches, chrome books, we can get simple speed bumps.

The office could also catch the speeders on the camera outside.

About the Writer
Alijah Otis, Staff Writer

Alijah Otis is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is a staff writer for The Panther Post. He likes fishing and outdoor activities. He hates people talking over him. If he has any future plans he did not inform the editors.

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Speed Bumps on Campus