CA students put on a show

Jack Ferguson, Staff Writer

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The idea of Show Choir at Canton Academy has been one of Mrs. Mala Harris dreams for a long time now to get started in our school for a long time.

It has been 6 years since she has had the idea to start Show Choir.

The Show Choir  is open for 5th grade through the 12th grade.

Right now in Show Choir they are about 20 people. Mrs. Harris said there are mostly people from 5th grade and there is a couple of people from the high school.

She would like to have more people from some of the other grades in the high school but she is happy with the amount of people that she has.

Mrs Harris said that she is very happy with how there practice is going and once they get to the level that she wants them at. They will go and perform.

At places like lunches, school, hospital, and they would also be able to play in some Show Choir competitions to compete against other schools and might when some type of award for being the best.

Mrs. Harris is very proud with how the show choir is practicing and the experience that they already had.

Some of the themes for show choir are from  broadway movies and plays.

Most all of the music is from The Greatest Showman and many other plays that have been on broadway.

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CA students put on a show