Theater class puts on a show

Kendall Calloway, Staff Writer

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For the first time in ten years at Canton Academy, we have a theater class.

What is theatre?

Theatre is the activity or profession of acting in, producing, directing, or writing plays.

Anyone that is interested in theatre can do it if their schedule allows it.

Collin Gray, Grade 9, says he thinks anyone can participate in theater except one person. “I think everybody can act, except me, I’m pretty bad at it,” he said.

During our theater class Delila Vance stated that “We do theater everyday, it’s apart of our lives.

Everything we do is basically a form of acting.”

Theater is very important for people to learn all kinds of skills.

When people get more and more comfortable with fellow theater classmates, people get to be really close, and they learn social skills.

Actors haven’t been as scared to get up in front of the class to speak or do a presentation.

This will help us in college as well with our public speaking classes.

When you are in class you don’t have to act or be the center of attention.

You can simply do props, costumes, lighting and/or sounds.

We all have to pull together to do this but you aern’t forced into acting in front of an auditorium of people.

The purpose of theater, in the point of view as Gray is “For us to learn how to be more comfortable in our everyday lives.”

This year theatre has 8 students: Kendall Calloway, Collin Gray, Madi Cochran, Starr Spivey, Eli Crosby, Mackenzie Pyron, Carli Cooper, and Kyle Brasher.

The theater department expects to put on 3 main plays: A Halloween play, a Christmas play, and a big end of the year play.

We have also sprinkled in Reader’s theatre for the elementary, and we are learning monologues that also helps with our memorization skills.

Theatre is not just a class you attend to just go on a stage, or to dress up in cotumes, we learn skills to help our pronunciation and how to make our voices heard.

We have to make our own props and costumes and pay for the play also.

Along with this being the first Theatre class in 10 years, we also have had the privilege of having Sergeant Meeks joining us. He is a former police officer and is currently a Sergeant.

He is a movie producer and actor, and he has played roles and produced movies in Canton.

He produced and had a small part in the movie  “Starve.”

It is a movie all made in Canton made in the old Canton High School, and it is a horror movie.

He is planning to act in some of our school plays, and he is also helping the Theatre department this year with skills and acting.

He has, and will continue to be, a big part in helping.

Theatre is not just getting up on stage and pretending, it is an art form that must be practiced.

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Kendall Calloway, Staff Writer

Kendall Calloway is a sophomore at Canton Academy. She is a staff writer for The Panther Post. She likes softball, sleep, and wasting time. She doesn’t like studying. She plans to attend Mississippi State, pursuing a degree in graphic design, and wants to work at Pyxle.

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Theater class puts on a show