Beloved English teacher engaged

Beloved English teacher engaged

Mackenzie Scott Pyron, Staff Writer

By now the majority of the school has heard that the amazing and wonderful Ms. Sarah Morris is getting married. This is joyful as well as sad news in the hearts of some students and staff members; for some, they will be losing a friend, and others, their favorite teacher. 

Morris was proposed to by her boyfriend Ben Willis on New Year’s Eve. But, unsurprisingly Morris figured it out way before he actually proposed, for no one can keep a secret from her. “Honestly I knew he was going to do it, I could tell by the atmosphere, there were sparklers, there were these little children looking at us the whole time, and then there was his mom who was trying to be sneaky by hiding behind a bush. She was not being sneaky at all,” she said.  Morris and Willis plan on having their wedding in June.

Yes, sadly Morris plans on leaving, and who she leaves her job to is unsure at the moment, but be assured, it will be placed in the right hands. 

But there is a bit of hope for the future. “Never say never, hopefully, I will be moving back to the Jackson Metro because let’s be real, I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in Mccomb, so hopefully in one or two years we’ll move back, but I know one thing, I am still very saddened at the thought of leaving my children, for I did not cry when he proposed, I only cried when I realized I would be leaving,” she said. 

Morris also wanted to leave teachers and students with some advice for when she leaves. “Teachers please try not to take yourself so seriously, try to connect with your students, relate with them, try to understand them and what they love and what they don’t love. So try to care because that’s the secret.”

She then said “Students, same goes for you, try to care for one another, if you don’t care about one another nothing will get accomplished. Try to work as a team, this will take you so many places.” She hopes that these words of advice will resonate in the hearts and minds of children and teachers alike. 

As with every departure, there are times of sadness, but also happiness as well. Mrs. Warren, who is considered by Morris to be one of her very close friends, is ecstatic for her. But at the same time, she is saddened that she will no longer be teaching here. “I saw it coming, so when she called me on New Year’s Eve, I didn’t answer the phone with a hello, ‘I just asked are you engaged?’” Warren said. She knew this was coming for a long time.

Their friendship is so strong, that Morris has asked Warren to be her Matron of Honor, which Warren gladly accepted. But no matter how much Warren is excited for her, she knows that she will really miss her. “I’m really going to miss the dynamic we have as an English department. We all work really well together and each of us is willing to share ideas, I’m sure that whoever comes in will be wonderful, but she’s my work bestie, so yes I will be sad, because she is funny, silly, and we can talk to each other. In the end, she’s just a really good friend.” Warren feels that in the next school year without her friend it will definitely be a lot quieter because as the whole school knows both of the teachers are super loud. “When the two of us get together, we’re both really energetic because she’s always willing to participate in anything, so I’ll definitely miss that.”

Sophomore, Carli Cooper who has known Ms. Morris since her eighth-grade year, is saddened by the loss of her favorite teacher, but also wants her to know how much she’s going to miss her and her antics.

“I’ve had Ms. Morris as my English teacher for the past three years. She’s been one of my favorite teachers because her class is so laid back, she’s an amazing teacher who knows how to get things done, she makes learning fun in her class, so I’m really going to miss her,” said Cooper. 

When students first heard that Morris some were surprised and confused. “I didn’t even know she was dating someone so when I heard she was engaged I was like what the heck” said sophomore Eliza Lighthert. Lightheart who has also been in Morris’s class since eighth grade shares the same sadness with Carli Cooper.

“My favorite part about being in her class is that she’s so laid back, she tries to get to know her students well, and she picks books and different teaching methods based on who her students are. She always picked out the best books for our class to read, I especially loved Peak,” says Lightheart. “I’m really going to miss her so much because I consider Ms. Morris and I friends, so I feel like I’m losing a friend.”

Morris may have come here to teach, but along the way she has made many friends and touched the hearts of many students. Ms. Morris will be missed but she will be leaving with the best intentions and the start of her new life, but who knows, that might just lead her right back here, at Canton Academy.