Canton Academy hosts Gun Raffle


Jake Ramsey, Staff Writer

The Canton Academy gun raffle is a major event that happens each year, that gives locals the chance to win a brand new gun. The gun raffle has been a huge part of the athletic program at  Canton Academy for the past six years. 

The  Canton Academy gun raffle is a very special event that takes place every January, this event is used to raise money for the Booster Club and a portion of the money raised is donated to the athletics of Canton Academy. The Gun Raffle has provided funds for Canton Academy in multiple sports and events, such as a new track, new baseball fence, and helps pay for all sports travel and expenses. Canton Academy is fortunate enough to have such a huge hunting population around the area that interest the local to wanna buy tickets. 

The Booster Club is a group of people who dedicate some of their time to get together and make ideas and changes to the school to make sure they give us the best for our school. The Booster Club is also a huge part of the Canton Academy family, they are always so supportive and always are coming up with ways to make sure we have the best apparel and equipment for sports. Booster earns a lot of their funds for the school through events like the Gun Raffle, concession, and many other fundraisers. Boosters don’t only pay for sports events but they also help with expenses in the school building such as computers, ipads, letterman jackets, and many more items to help make Canton Academy one of the best schools in the MAIS.

The Gun Raffle isn’t just another fundraiser that the school has, the Raffle is one of the largest and most profitable fundraisers Canton Academy has each year. The Raffle is hat has made Canton Academy’s athletic program the way it is now. Such as one of the nicest football facilities in the MAIS, for sure one of the nicest track facilities, and an amazing baseball facility, on top of our amazing basketball gymnasium. The school is very blessed to have a booster club that wants us to have the best and wants us to be the best. The school is blessed to be able to participate in events like this one that will make our school a better facility for the future generation.  

The gun raffle is an amazing event that supports our school so much and makes sure we have the best in our sports facilities. The raffle is what helps with all sports expenses, apparel, and any other upgrades or modifications our sports programs need.