New shoes a trendy gift

Jordan Price, Staff Writer

Everyone wants style as a gift for Christmas. Shoes were the biggest thing that everyone got for Christmas. Some shoes that people got for Christmas were Nike, Jordans, Air maxs, and Vans. Everyone should have a backstory on why they wanted the shoes they got. Maybe it was the color or the way the shoes looked. 

Emma Grace Poquette, a sophomore at Canton Academy said, “I am happy with the shoes I got for Christmas.” Poquette said, “I got a pair of black and white checkered vans.” The reason Poquette wanted the shoes was because she saw them on the internet and thought that they looked cute so she just got them. Another reason she wanted them was because everyone’s been wearing vans and its become a new style in today’s fashion. The thing she likes about the black and white checkered Vans is the way it looks and feels.

Poquette said she also, just likes vans in general because you can really wear them with anything and they are cute.” Poquette said the shoes feel really good when she walks.

Taylor Pratt, another sophomore at Canton Academy said the shoes he got for Christmas are rollerblades. Pratt said, “the reason I wanted rollerblades is because they are a shoe and I can skate in them.” The thing Taylor likes most about the rollerblades is that he can skate in them and go fast. He said the shoes feel amazing when he’s skating around on them. “I almost feel like I’m on the air,” he said. He also said it feels like he’s flying and going super fast. Pratt said he wears his roller skating outfit which involves elbow pads, knee pads, and a helmet just in case he has an accident. Pratt said he wears his rollerblades all the time like to the grocery stores and everywhere but school. He said at school Coach Journey might give him detention or get in trouble if he did. 

Dakota Jordan, a sophomore, said the shoes he got for Christmas are fire. He said he got the Jordan Bred elevens. The reason he wanted the Bred elevens is because they are the most popular shoe that Jordan had worn and made. Jordan said, “the thing he likes about the shoes is the color of them.” Jordan said, “the shoes make me feel like I’m walking on air and make me feel cool.”

These three sophomores all received new shoes for Christmas. They liked the shoes they got. Some of them liked the style of the shoe and some liked the way the shoe felt when they walked. All three had a difference in the way the shoe felt and every shoe was different. Every person I talked too liked their shoes.