Could CA be movin’ and groovin’?

Carrington Curtis, Staff Writer

Canton Academy is a school with many great sports programs ranging from basketball to cheer from football to track and many other sports. Here at CA, sports play a very important role for both athletes and coaches and are well treasured by everyone. There is always a sports program fit for someone. With the sports program improving year by year, it’s time to add a sport that many girls would enjoy, a dance team. Starting in 2008 Canton academy had a dance team but it did not last long, and they really didn’t have the uniforms or equipment needed to make a dance team great. A dance team would be a good fit for canton academy because it has the aspects of cheer but it is just dancing instead of actual chants. The dance team would be around a 12-15 person team and will consist of learning a new dance each week and doing a kick line. 

The sound of the fans cheering, cowbells, and pom-poms is just the beginning of what football season is like at CA. So why not add more spirit by having a dance team to go to the football games as well as the cheerleaders. A dance team would be a great fit for girls who enjoy cheer but there favorite part of cheer is learning the new dances.

Sophomore Eliza Lightheart said, “I think it would be very fun and a great addition to Canton Academy. I would love to learn hip hop dances, but no Tik Tok dances since everyone already knows most of the dances. I also think we should do unique dances and makeup or own.” With many girls sports at CA this would be something new and fun for the girls to enjoy.

Tryouts could be held around the same time as cheer tryouts and would consist of the girls learning many genres of dances. Sophomore Eliza Lightheart said, “I think it would be cool how they do the dances at tryouts and they judge you based on how well you performed the dance.”

While many of the CA students are familiar with the app Tik Tok, many of the girls explained how they rather make up dances instead of just using the ones off Tik Tok. They want to develop their own unique and put a new and creative spin on today’s culture of dancing.  In dance, you should express your creativity rather than copy someone else’s exact dance.

Dancing should make you be a leader rather than a follower. It will teach you the confidence you need to have to perform the dances you will learn while on this team. Dancing is also a great sport to help with your memorization. Since there are many genres in dance, the CA dance team would do more of a fun type like hip hop instead of jazz dance to get the fans and football players ready for the game. 

Dancing is sometimes overlooked by other sports but provides many great health benefits. Dancing is not only fun but provides many great benefits for you and your body. First off, it improves the condition of your heart and lungs, it also increases your muscular strength. It also improves your aerobic fitness which will help out in other sports like walking, running, swimming and many other sports. It also makes your bones stronger that will later prevent osteoporosis in your life. Stronger bones always equal to improve fitness and strength and will really help you out in any sport.

Dancing also increases both mental and physical confidence which is important for your daily life and even getting a job one day will help you. As you’ve seen, dancing has many amazing and great health benefits which is a great reason why all schools should have a dance team. It’s even good to start kids at a young age in a dance studio which will have them learning all these different techniques starting at a young age. 

Overall, there are many reasons why schools around Miss., and even the nation should incorporate dancing. First off, it’s a good and fun way to get your exercising in. Many girls may not enjoy lifting weights or running on the treadmill. While dancing gets you up on your feet and moving but in a more fun and enjoyable way. Dancing is also a fun way to express yourself in your dancing ranging from hip hop dances to slower contemporary and ballet. Dancing is a great way to strengthen your bones and muscles and increase flexibility. Dancing is also a very good thing to do to increase confidence and eliminate the fear of performing in front of an audience. When we dance, we experienced a higher sense of creativity that pushes up to extend beyond our limitations and develop skills that will last a lifetime.