CA begins academic coach classes

Jake Jurney, staff writer

Canton Academy has developed a new program that will aid students who are struggling in the classroom. The program will help the students become better versions of themselves academically.

This school-guided program will be implemented for students that have one or more failing grades in a class. This new plan is called “The Academic Coaching Program.”

The program was designed to serve two purposes. It was designed to be a way to help struggling students get the help they need and also to aid in helping to keep students from failing if at all possible. The program will revolve around tutoring students in the mornings before school begins. Although the coaching program will help all students struggling, it will especially help student-athletes that are ineligible. The program will help them get back to playing in no time if they do their part. This type of program that includes coaching classes is used at multiple schools and these schools actually produce positive results. If a student misses the allotted times, that they are supposed to be in a tutoring session, they will be punished. These classes will aid students to start not only their day off right but also help to keep them on the right track to success.

This coaching program forces students, that desperately need to go to academic tutoring, to go to designated sessions. The students, going to these sessions, will be required to report to Coach Purvis’ room each morning and sign the attending roster.  The option to go to tutoring has always been there but now students who are failing will have no choice but to go and get the help they need. “These classes are mainly for students that have below passing grades” stated Coach Jurney. These coaching classes are not like The Directed Studies Program, here at Canton Academy, but the students are required to go and talk to the teacher after getting permission from the coach. If a student is failing in one class, then that student will be required to go to two tutoring sessions per week. Taylor Pratt, one of the students at Canton Academy thinks that these new classes will enable him to do better on his own. They will also help him to keep up with his assignments and help him to keep ahead. This weekly tutoring will continue until the student has passing grades in each class taken. If the student is failing in more than two classes, they will be required to go to every tutoring session four days a week. This will continue until the student is passing all of their classes. Coach Jurney says that the real reason is “to ensure students who are struggling academically have a sterile environment in which to improve their grades.”

Many of the bigger schools use this program to help the students get back on the right track. Most schools do need this type of encouragement because it helps the students not only get their grades to passing but also to see that hard work pays off. Passing grades will also help struggling student-athletes get back doing what they love. “Your one and only, the other administrators helped as well,” stated Coach Jurney. This program will also aid the more athletic students who will more likely want to get into colleges and help them to have a better chance to play sports while there. This positive program gives students many opportunities to get into college if they work hard and put forth the effort. The tutoring classes can also be called anything the student wants to call them from coach classes to academic reinforcement classes as long as all students realize the purpose behind the program. Mrs. Carter says that these classes are really to help the kids hold themselves accountable and to help them find good ways to study.

If a student shows up even one minute late to a session, they will not be allowed to enter and will be punished with a work detail. The student will also be required to come back and make up the session. If a student receives multiple work details, the violation will lead to a detention. Receiving more than one detention could lead to a more harsh consequence, even a possible suspension and then a possible expulsion from school. The teachers will do their part to help the students get to passing but the students will be required to do their part at the same time. Being punctual is part of this success.

Overall, these classes will help the child instead of making it worse for them. The classes are not to be viewed as punishment but a means to help students get back on the right track.  These classes are held at many schools and have proven to be helpful in many ways. Even though the name “coach class” sounds like it is for athletes, Mrs. Carter says that it is actually for all students and can help anyone. Coach simply means to coach the students along to success. Canton Academy is starting to make the classes after school as well. This is being done to aid more students, especially those who may need extra help. In all, this class is meant to help students with failing grades to realize that there is help out there and that hard work really does pay off. Canton Academy truly cares for its students and is willing to go the extra mile to help them succeed.