Pounce goes on a date


Collin Gray, Op/Ed Editor

Today Pounce is very excited as he gets ready to go on his first date with a lady Panther named Penelope the panther. Penelope is from Madison, Mississippi. She is also a very good dancer and shares a passion for sports with Pounce. In Penelope’s free time her favorite thing to do is gymnastics. She is known for her famous Fantastic Flip which she usually does when she gets really excited or when she wants to intimidate other teams. Penelope is also very excited to go on this date with Pounce. 

Pounce and Penelope meet at Fannin Lanes where they both prepare for an intense and competitive bowling match. Pounce buys a pizza for the table and puts on his size 19 bowling shoes and is ready to play. Penelope is very good at bowling but she didn’t tell Pounce so he is in for a treat. Pounce starts the game off and rolls his first turn and knocks down 6 pins. Pounce is very proud of himself so he breaks out into his celebratory dance.

Now it’s Penelope’s turn to bowl. She grabs the ball and gets a strike on the first roll. Pounces jaw drops. Penelope breaks out into her celebratory dance. Pounce says “It’s just luck” and goes up for his next turn. Pounce knocks down three pins. Penelope tries to hold back her laughter but struggles very hard. Now it is her turn. She goes up to bowl, gets a spare and of course breaks out into her celebratory dance. Pounce is confused so he switches to a lighter ball and steps up for his turn. Pounce takes a deep breath, aligns his shot, and rolls. The ball goes straight into the gutter. Pounces jaw drops. He looks back at Penelope and she is on the floor laughing with no control. Pounce wants to be embarrassed but he can’t because Pounce knows that it’s funny as well so he breaks out into laughter as well. Penelope suggests they take a break and eat some of the pizza before it gets cold. 

They sit and eat pizza and talk to each other for a while. They realize that they have a lot in common. Penelope really likes Led Zeppelin and AC DC just like Pounce does. They also both really love sports and pep. Pounce tells his favorite joke to Penelope and she thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. They talk and laugh more until the pizza is done and they decide to get back to the game. 

Before they start back again Penelope gives Pounce a couple of pointers. This time Pounce has a little advice and experience. Pounce grabs his bowling ball and steps up to the line and takes a deep breath and rolls the ball. The entire bowling alley is completely quiet as they watched the ball roll. The ball slowly toward the gutter then back to the middle then back toward the gutter. The ball finally reaches the pins and knocks them all down. Pounce did it, he finally got a strike.  The entire bowling alley burst into celebration. Everyone hits their celebration dance even the manager. 

Penelope was so proud of  Pounce and she gave him a big hug. Pounce and Penelope finished off the game and the score ended up being  270 to 27. Pounce lost but he did not care because he was having an amazing time with Penelope. Penelope was also having a great time. Pounce and Penelope left Fannin lanes and Pounce let Penelope have the auxiliary cord and she played some of Pounce’s favorite songs. Ponce found that he and Penelope have the same taste in music. They sang along to songs together until they got to Penelope’s house where they said goodbye to each other. Pounce had a great time with Penelope and may have made a new friend.