Girls BBall: CA at Tri County


Emma Grace Poquette, Staff Writer

January is a very important time when it comes down to basketball because it is time for district games. Canton Academy’s Lady Panthers took on the Tri-County rebels Friday the 10. This game is our biggest rival game which means our panthers will have a lot of support. As a fan, the most exciting part of the game was the momentum the lady panthers had when they ran out. Cochran said, “I think what made me the most excited about the game was that we have not played this team since the ninth grade so it kind of gave us a new experience of a new team.”

Biggers added to Cochran’s comment, “We also knew they were going to be a very tough team to play against so we knew we had to step up and work hard.”  

There were a lot of physical features that these girls did that helped the team in many ways; whether it had to do with stepping up and scoring or staying out of foul trouble every one of these girls stepped up and did something big. 

Cochran stepped up by not getting as many fouls as she normally does which was huge knowing she guarded one of TCA’s best players, Mel Lewis. Both Biggers and Cochran had things that they knew they could have done better to win the game. Cochran said, “This game was one of the hardest games we ever played but I thought we did basically everything we could have done.” But Biggers knew there was one thing that could have been done to help us win which was starting the first quarter with a little more momentum. 

Knowing TCA is CA’s rival, there were things that the team had that made them want to strive to win this game. Biggers knew it was an important district game and knew the lady panthers had the ability to play up to the same level as them. Before the game, Biggers had thoughts going through her head that were telling her to make good decisions with the ball and work together. Cochran said, “The biggest turning point of the game was probably when I scored a three and then Allie went and scored a three which tied the game and it was just the whole momentum of that moment just changed.”

Even though the Lady Panthers have fallen short this season, they still tried to the best of their ability to come to a victory. They have shown great effort to try to succeed and make it to state this year and are still working very hard to win the rest of their games.