Pounce’s CA Christmas

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Pounce’s CA Christmas

Collin Gray, Op/Ed Editory

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Canton Academy is kicking off their Christmas season well with Winter Wonderland themed hallways, the Holiday Hustle, the Christmas Movie decorated doors, and many other Canton Academy traditions. There are even surprise appearances by beloved Canton Academy characters including Pounce the Panther, who also enjoys indulging in the Christmas spirit this time of year. Pounce even has his own Christmas traditions for every year just like all the CA students and teachers.

Pounce is accompanied with his panther family every year to enjoy the wonderful Christmas season. Every year Pounce’s mom, dad, aunties, uncles, and cousins come to Canton Academy to celebrate the day of Jesus’ birth.

Pounce’s Christmas day begins with the annual Panther family breakfast, the first of three fantastic meals. In this breakfast, there are many amazing choices including chewy rice cakes, Panther Pancakes, and Panther family cinnamon rolls, which are iced with the tears of rival football teams. After this delicious breakfast, it is time to open Christmas presents.

The family gathers around the Christmas tree to open all of the Christmas presents that the Puma Santa brought them to enjoy. The Panther wrote to Puma Santa that he wants for the basketball team to go to the championship, hopefully, his wish will come true. Pounce and his family sit around the Christmas tree and open their Christmas presents. Once the family is done opening there Christmas presents they all set up for a family-wide game of monopoly that brings out the competitive side of all the panthers. The family all go against each other battling to win the game because the winner of the game gets to choose which leftovers they want to take from the lunch and dinner. 

After this game the panther family is very hungry, so they get ready for their scrumptious panther lunch, courtesy of momma and auntie panther who worked very hard the night before to feed their families this magical day. This lunch is unlike any other lunch that any other family would eat on Christmas day. This lunch is filled with many unique and extravagant dishes including Panther Stew, Jungle stuffing, and a Wild Boar. When the family is done with their lunch.  The family is ready for an action-packed collection of karaoke songs performed by the Panther family. All of the panthers have a chance to go up to the front of the living room and pick their favorite song to sing to their family and the entire family usually joins in when grandma sings 22 by Taylor Swift. It’s her favorite song. Now it’s time for dinner, courtesy of Papa Panther and Uncle Gary. This dinner was prepared a week in advance. 

Papa and Uncle go hunting for the antelope to be eaten at the dinner they also make a veggie-based steak for Cougar Caron who’s vegan. The diner also has rabbit mac and cheese, deer salad, potato tomato pasta, and a victory cake made. This dinner fills up the family and gets them ready to call it a day but not before the panthers go and sing Christmas carols to all of the other animals in the jungle. They spread their Christmas joy with all the sloths, macaws, and gorillas so that all of the animals can have a happy Christmas too. 

This concludes the panther’s Christmas. Pounce says bye to his family and waits for yet another magical Christmas.