Emma Grace ruined Christmas

Emma Grace Poquette, Staff Writer

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This is a continuation of the series #EmmaGraceliterallyruinseverything. Everyone in this story is fictionally depicted.

Each year someone is chosen to put the star on the Christmas tree at the annual Christmas tree decorating township event at the square. Putting the star on the tree is a huge event that everyone looks forward to. Emma Grace has wanted to place the star on the tree ever since she was a little kid but this year she was highly disappointed because the mayor did not pick her to put the star on the top of the tree.
This year, Emma Grace watched an elementary student do it which made her run away to her house to cry in her bed which just so happened to be right across the street from the square. Suddenly, Emma Grace sparked an amazing idea which was for her to ruin everyone else’s Christmas. So while everyone was drinking hot chocolate and catching up with friends, Emma Grace put on her bougie black Lululemon leggings, her black fluffy sweatshirt, and a black hat, and snuck out of her bedroom window, ninja style, and somehow managed to get around everyone and not be seen.
Nobody realized someone was on a mission to burn down the tree and ruin thousands of people’s Christmas but just figured they were enjoying a normal year-round Christmas tradition. Suddenly, Marcus Goodloe, the mayor of Canton, smelled something burning and wanted to know what was going on. Goodloe started frantically running around freaking out because he did not know what that strange smell was and decided he needed to do something about it. Someone then yelled, “The Christmas tree!” “It is burning!” Goodloe calls 911 but they do not arrive. Once again Emma Grace has ruined Christmas. Little children were crying and parents were frustrated and tried to help Mayor Goodloe discover out who did this tragic disaster.
All Emma Grace could think of was she has ruined tons of people’s Christmas’s but maybe she would get to do the star next year. She started to think of herself as the Grinch because she was being so self-centered, stingy, and a selfish little brat. All she was worried about was mayor Goodloe giving her a life sentence in jail and him hating her forever. Goodloe is going mad and when the police show up he gets them to start an investigation. He wants the person that did this to pay. He never wants to see this person that has done this ever again. Emma Grace goes back to her house changes her clothes and goes back to the square. Goodloe and Emma Grace are best friends.
Emma Grace asks Goodloe what has happened and Goodloe then explains. Emma Grace acts like she is torn on this drastic decision someone has made. Emma Grace tells mayor Goodloe that she will do everything she can to help but little does Goodloe know it was all her fault. Emma Grace was talking on the phone with her other best friend and did not know Goodloe was behind her. Goodloe then asked her what was going on and she tried to tell him that it was not her but she was just joking with her friend. Goodloe did not believe her and was very disappointed in her. Emma Grace was worried about her and Mayor Goodloe’s friendship and did not want it to end. She knew she was in jeopardy for the decision she had made and regrets everything that has happened.

Mayor Goodloe called the police to come back to the scene and they questioned Emma Grace. Emma Grace was proven guilty and was shoved in the backseat of the cop car with a creepy guy dressed up as Santa Clause. Emma Grace ended up ruining everyone’s Christmas and her Christmas because she ended up in jail and having the whole town hate her. Emma Grace ended up going to court and making a fool of herself and causing more drama because she tried blaming everyone but herself. She also just so happened to end up on Santa’s naughty list because she did not have a jolly Christmas spirit and was rude because a little kid placed the star instead of her. Because Emma Grace was on the naughty list, she did not receive any gifts for Christmas except for a piece of jail bread.