Picking The Perfect Christmas Tree

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Picking The Perfect Christmas Tree

Colton Ellis, Staff Writer

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Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to pick out that perfect Christmas tree. It is a special thing to do during the holiday time. It’s something that parents like to do with their kids, parents, and friends. This is how you pick out the best tree:

First, you need to know how tall your ceilings are, that way you know the max height you can get. Usually you want to leave about a foot so that you can put that beautiful star on top of your tree. The topper is what most of the people look at, it just makes the tree pop and stand out. The good thing about Christmas trees are that they are not all the same.

“I like my tree to smell up my whole house.  I want my tree to be the first thing I smell whenever I walk into my house,” Coach Ben says. Some are really tall or really short. They can range from 3 – 16 foot usually in a regular house. “You also want to know what shade of green matches your lights and house the best. They are many shades of green and you need to know which one goes with you light colors the best,” he added. 

Second, you have to decide on whether you want a more full tree, or a skinnier one. “You need a straight tree, with a nice size truck,” Coach Ben says.

The full ones are in my opinion the prettiest ones.  They are rounder usually and can be on the shorter side but when you put lights and ornaments on it, it just makes them look amazing. You need to know the weight of your topper so that way you can tell the people trimming your tree what you would like them to do with it. Trees are all different in their own ways and the roundness is something you have to take into consideration. 

Third, you have to know where it is going inside of your house. Now that you have your perfect tree, you and your family shall now spend time together and decorate their trees.

“You need a tree that is full and has durable branches for those antique ornaments,” Williams says. It is a great time to spend time with your family and make memories that your children will not forget. “ You do not want a tree that has missing spots in the tree, you know the ones that would usually put up against the wall so that no one would see it,” he added. 

Picking the perfect Christmas trees is a special thing to do once a year and many people, it is a special moment to them. “Last but not least, make you you take your wife or girlfriend with you to do it, because if mama ain’t happy, then none is,” he said with a chuckle.