A CA Christmas Love

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A CA Christmas Love

Carter Martin and Chaney Hale

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Please enjoy this Hallmark-esque CA love story:

In a small town in the great state of Mississippi, a man by the name of David Branson from Pittsburgh comes down to Canton for his college hockey career. David was a very talented hockey player and love doctor. He was going to play hockey in the NHL so he was brought to Canton, Mississippi where he rented an apartment. Then, after 2 years of dominating the ice, David tore his ACL and was put out for the rest of his career. He ended up getting into teaching at the nearby school, Canton Academy. He was loved by all of his students and was a great English teacher. He was a fine dressed man. He wore a suit everyday and was definitely unique. 

Then a young woman named Sally Morgan went to Canton Academy to teach English. This was after she had graduated from St. Andrews, where she was valedictorian and the homecoming queen. Sally was a blackbelt in kung fu. Sally was a very good martial artist, theologian, and not to mention her stunning looks. She had been living in this same area all her life and was looking for someone to be with and travel the world. Everyone knew Miss Sally Morgan and all her accomplishments when she was young. 

David came to Canton Academy to teach after going to college in Mississippi. He couldn’t find himself in life because he was not able to play hockey anymore so he decided to teach at Canton Academy. He had taught at the academy for a few years and then a woman named Sally Morgan came to CA. At first sight both the young English teachers knew that love was in the air. They started to talk at lunch and sit beside each other at the teacher lunch table. Sally and David started to get to know each other really well and they started to hangout outside of school. They would go on dates and they were together all the time. Sally and David soon starting dating and they planned on staying together at the school. They were also planning on getting married in the future. 

Then something came up between the two lovebirds. David would get offered to go and play professional hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He would have to move away from Mississippi so that he could be on the team but Sally understood. While in Pittsburgh, David did amazing and got selected to play on team USA so he would have to travel the world to play. Sally was winning big tournaments and was traveling all over the united states and was very successful. Things were not looking good for the two because they still loved each other and talked to each other sometimes over the phone. David was scheduled to play against Germany’s national team on Christmas day in Berlin. While in Germany David and the rest of the hockey team decided that they would go watch. 

So Sally moved to Berlin, Germany and professionally for forms mixed martial arts and was a very good instructor and fighter. She was still going to big tournaments but was mainly teaching younger students how to fight and proper technique. She was at a match with one of her students one day and saw someone that she recognized. And that man was David Branson. David and other members of the USA hockey team decided to go to a Mixed Martial Arts Tournament to pass time Before one of their hockey games that was held in Germany later that week.

After the match was over that Sally was coaching she made her way over to talk to David. They talked about what they had been doing and since David had never been to Germany and Sally had lived there a few years she wanted to take him to go see the town since it was Christmas time and all the lights were lit that night. David was very excited to go with sally that night they went to the old restaurant in the middle of the town. The night was coming to a close and David insisted that he take her back to her apartment. So when he did they were standing in the doorway saying their last goodbyes. Then simultaneously they looked over their head and you guessed it they were standing under the mistletow and they looked back down at each other and knew that this love could not end here then the couple had that magical kiss.