Movie Review: Black Christmas

Gaston Walker, Staff Writter

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The movie Black Christmas is about how a group of sorority girls on a college campus called Hawthrone. While the girls are on Christmas break there was a stalker that started to follow them. The stalker started to take them off one by one and the girls somehow try to find a way to fight back. In the beginning of the movie the main character name Riley was sexual assaulted. Her and her sorority sisters  work together to gain power back.

My opinion on how this movie was that it was a really great movie for people that like a horror type of Christmas movies. I really like Black Christmas because there’s a lot of action in the movie.  I also like that it’s a mystery to find out who the bad person is in the movie. Sexual assault is the main point of the movie. I really like when people make a movie that is Christmas and a horror or a mystery type of movie. 

When I see a movie that has a cliffhanger I want to go and see what will happen. I think that people should watch this movie because if you like horror slasher mystery kind of movie you would probably like this movie. 

This movie also taught an important lesson about sexual assault. It is not ok to attack or harass women. Women are just as important and men. I really like this movie because I’m really into the horror Christmas kind of movies whenever it’s Christmas time. I think that people will really like this movie and I hope they will see it.