December Trends

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December Trends

Starr Spivey, News Editor

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We all know that most girls do not like cold weather. At all. But, there are a few, and I mean very few girls that actually enjoy the cold weather. Most of these girls wear the same thing. Christmas looks usually consist of cute, over sized sweaters, leggings or jeans, some sort of sneakers or uggs, and beanies. 

Beanies are very popular in December. Even though they are meant for warmth, most girls in the south wear them for looks. I mean, what even is the Christmas season without beanies? Beanies are the most popular type of accessory in December. 

Beanies are the new scarves. Girls used to think it was cute to wear scarves around, and now they think that it is cute to wear beanies. Some beanies even have pom poms at the top, others have ponytails in them so girls can pull their hair through them. Beanies are also very popular for little girls, especially toddlers. The beanies keep them warm and they also make them look even cuter than they already are. 

Uggs are also very popular around Christmas time. They are the second most popular thing during this time of year. Almost every girl in Madison County owns a pair of uggs. They’re literally a necessity. There are many different types of uggs. Tall uggs, short uggs, ugg slippers, and they are even ugg sneakers. Uggs are popular for all ages. Most kids wear the boot kind so their feet stay warm. The slippers and the sneakers are worn by mostly teenagers, but we also wear the boot ones too. 

There are always girls that do not know what to wear when they take cute winter photos. Well, I have an answer. First, let’s start off with a cute sweater, duh. Then, a pair of jeans and a cute pair of shoes, preferably sneakers. Then to top it off, add a cute beanie. We can’t forget about hair and makeup. Curly hair is really cute with a beanie, but stick to straight hair if curly hair is not your thing. Then, match your eye shadow to the color of your beanie or sweater. This will complete your December look. 

Vsco girls are NOT a thing during the winter. Like excuse me, what’s a Vsco girl again? Vsco has absolutely nothing to do with winter. In fact, Vsco girls are usually the ones that do not like winter. They still like to take cute pictures like the rest of the girls, but they do not enjoy the cold weather like the other girls. 

Speaking of Christmas and cold weather, let’s talk about what you can wear to a Christmas party. There are two different types of Christmas parties. There are fancy parties and tacky sweater parties. If you are going to a fancy party, sparkly/fancy dresses are your best bet. Jeans and a nice shirt is also something that people wear to these types of parties. 

Tacky Christmas sweater parties are the best ones. You can get tacky sweater almost anywhere, but the best ones come from Walmart. The sweaters at Walmart are literally ratchet. They are very, very cringe but they fit these types of parties perfectly. Walmart has sweaters that light up. They also have some that have tinsel on them. Some have Christmas trees, some have reindeer, and many other different looks and styles. You can also get tacky sweater at Target. Target has everything you could possibly need or any event. 

Now, let’s talk about places to shop to get cute winter clothes. Target always has cute clothes. There are also cute boutiques in Canton that has cute clothes too. LaDiDa and Ace of Grace are two very cute gift shops/boutiques on the square in Canton. There are also very cute stores in Madison, like Material Girls, Free People, Gingersnaps, ect. These stores have cute, Christmas graphic tees, red shirts, green shirts, and many more shirts that relate to Christmas. 

In conclusion, there are many cute outfits and looks that tie into the Christmas season. Beanies are the most popular. Cute jackets, boots, and beanies make December complete. Christmas parties make December complete. There are many cute outfits to wear to Christmas parties, and many cute places to shop. Christmas events are very fun to dress up for.