CA goes all out for homecoming theme days

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CA goes all out for homecoming theme days

Carrington Curtis, staff writer

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Homecoming, an exciting week for the students, teachers, and alumni. Homecoming is a time to celebrate, both past and present students from Canton Academy to reconnect and have a fun time. Homecoming is more than just a week full of dress up and a football game, it has evolved from having parades, tailgating, and formal dances. Homecoming is a time for all the past and present students to gather together, which makes it a very special and fun week for everyone. 


At CA, the homecoming festivities started many years ago, but has really transformed and evolved over the years. From having actual parades in the early 90s and 2000s , to 2010 where the maids started riding in fancy cars.  The students really enjoy the homecoming parade which is prior to the homecoming pep rally where the maids get to walk through with there escort. Throughout the years Homecoming is a week that all students either dread or look forward to. It’s a very special time for all the girl’s to pick out there homecoming dresses and for the boys to find a nice outfit. 


Each year during homecoming week, there is an overall theme, this year the theme was cartoons. The cartoons chosen for this day ranged from Mickey Mouse and Sponge bob, Gravity falls and Tom and Jerry. So each day of the week students got to dress up according to what the theme for that certain day. Over the years the themes have really evolved and became more engaging for the students. “The themes change every year, but I think this year was definitely the most fun. My favorite day was hip hop because it was funny to see everyone in there costumes” says sophomore Graham Lambert.


On Monday the theme was “country vs hip hop”. Many students were dressed out while the country won the majority of the outfits, there were still a lot of stylish people dressed in hip hop. Sophomore Graham Lambert says “It was funny to see all the peoples costumes.. I dressed us as hip hop, even though country won, hip hop is still the best.” 


On Tuesday the theme was Tacky Tuesday. Many of the students were decked out in crazy socks, shirts, leggings and mismatched shoes. This was a super fun day especially for the younger grades who really went all out for this fun theme day. Throughout the high school you could spot students with crazy hair, shirts, and shoes, while others went more of the tropical way.


On Wednesday the theme was decades day. Many of the students were dressed in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, outfits while other students were dressed up at the more modern time, the VSCO girls. The outfits ranged from the 70s look of black leather jackets while others had the crazy 80s hair and 90s outfits. This was a super fun day to see what kind of outfits they would come up with. Many outfits were more creative, while others were more funny.


On Thursday it was now time for each class to shine on “class theme day”. For the sophomores there cartoon they chose was Gravity Falls. Many of the students were decked out as the main characters in the cartoon, while others wanted to take a funny approach and be the trees in this nature based cartoon. 


It was now the last and final day of homecoming, which was homecoming t-shirt day ! All the students were super excited for the homecoming parade which was held in the morning and also the pep rally held just after. The students are also looking forward to the football game and dance which was held later that night. Overall this homecoming week was full of fun and creativity. All the students really showed out on all of their outfits each day of the week and it was a fun experience for both the students and teachers.