Cross country team prepares for state meet

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Cross country team prepares for state meet

Carrington Curtis, staff writer

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After another successful track season at Canton Academy , it’s now time for the distance runners to shine in cross country. Through the mud and across the fields is where you will spot any cross country runner during a race or practice. The crackle of the rocks and the dust of the hills, is the sound and sight of cross country runners zooming past the spectators at the usual hot and humid meet. All the cross country parents and family cheering on there fellow runners, as they pass by is what makes cross country a fun yet challenging sport. 


If you’re looking for a sport to build strength and endurance, cross country may just be the one for you. Many times on the roads you will see runners barely moving their arms and lifting their knees up. While at cross country it feels like a weight is on your back at times, and you have to really lift your knees to conquer the hills. Sometimes in cross country you don’t know where your next turn or hill may be , or whether you are going to stumble , either way you are building a ton of strength and endurance.


Throughout the summer, the Canton Academy cross country team has been training for the most important day of the year, the state meet. The runners have prepared themselves for this day since early June, with many hot and early morning practices starting at 8 am. This school year the XC team that is 15 runners including both boys and girls ranging from grades 6th through 10th.


No matter the weather, rain or shine, the CA cross country runners were eager for a new challenge at every practice and meet this year. With such a young team sophomore xc runner Graham Lambert says “We have a lot of potential if we keep on practicing and try our best at the meets. I think the younger runners are helping us because, as the years go on they get better and our team progresses”.


This year the CA cross country team gained many new young runners. Due to a large number of seniors that graduated in 2018, it was now time for the oldest runners of the group, the sophomores, to lead the pack. Coach Ben let them all know that it was now a big responsibility for them to take over, which was both an exciting but challenging job for these sophomores to take on.


After countless workouts and miles ran,  it was now getting closer for the cross country runners state meet. After many meets held this year at both Choctaw trails in Clinton, and Neely farms in Magee, have the runners ready for there very last meet which will be held on October 21st. 


During the state meet , which includes a lot of happenings. Upon arriving at Choctaw trails, you will see many buses and cars at the entrance which gets the runners excited for what’s ahead of them. Upon entering the meet, the runners will go to their designated tents and just chill out and walk around until it’s time to race.


Since the CA runners moved down a classification in cross country this season, these runners now have a little more confidence than last year. The runners still know if we moved up or down in classifications, it’s still not time to slack, and that they have to give it their best effort each and every race.


The runners will run the state meet at Choctaw trails , approximately a 40 min drive from CA. Choctaw trails is a very hilly course with many twists and turns. This course may be tough but it’s always fun when you are competing against a lot of fast runners. The adrenaline at the start and all the fans cheering you on gets you pumped for the 3.1 miles ahead of them. Spectators can watch the runners had many parts around the course. Many spectators walk through the course where they can actually be in the woods as the runners are passing by. Overall spectators also can watch at the mile mark, mile and a half, and the finish line.


The state meet there are normally host food vendor’s including, snow cones, and lots of water and gatorade at the finish. They also sell MAIS sweatshirts for all the runners, or whoever wants one. After the state meet, the CA cross country runners normally go out to eat as a team, which is a great bonding experience for all the runners.