Gameday tradition

Raleigh Quayle, Staff Writer

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The Spirit Train here at Canton Academy has been going on for awhile and is a fond memory for many alumni.  Carley Crosby and Maggie Rankin, 2017 graduates, reminisced about the fond memories they had. 

 “Spirit train was really popular when I was in school. It was so popular because we got to have fun with our classmates, and it was a really fun way to start off game days,” says Rankin. Spirit train is still very popular to this day.  “It was so popular because we all loved getting dressed up and getting pumped up for the games. Also my class was very close, so we all loved getting to hangout with each other and just act crazy all Friday.” Says Crosby.

Crosby and Rankin had totally different answers to what was the most exciting thing about it. “The most exciting thing was probably going to McDonalds to get a frappe. And getting dressed up for it.” Says Rankin. CA’s students to this day still love Fridays because they can dress up and hang out before school. “We loved it because it was the one day out of the week where we could go crazy and get pumped up for the games. It was fun getting together and showing our spirit by acting crazy and just having fun” Says Crosby.

In the past few years the spirit train has not changed that much except for a few things. “ I’m not sure how it has changed since I graduated but I don’t see as many snapchats of stuff. We probably just posted obnoxiously lol.” Says Rankin. Crosby and Rankin both had a different perspective on how the spirit train has changed.  “I think there was less rules when we did it so we got to do more stuff and be as loud as we could. We had almost every person in the high school in it each time which made it so exciting because the train was long and also got the younger kids and parents really pumped up for the game.” Says Crosby.

Spirit train was the trend for CA and a lot of people joined in on it. “I don’t even remember people having to be encouraged. Mostly everyone in my class did spirit train. The boys drove their trucks and the girls got to ride. It wasn’t just football players and cheerleaders, everyone wanted to do it.” Says Rankin. A lot of people were interested in riding in the spirit train. “I think everyone saw how much fun it was and saw how much we all connected over spirit train. I definitely got closer with people because of it and made memories with them that I will never forget.” Says Crosby. Even though just about the whole school wanted to do spirit train only certain grades were aloud. grades nine to 12 were allowed to be in it but only grades 10th through 12th actually participated.

According to Rankin, “Everyone loved spirit train. We were always so excited. We went to Mcdonalds before. Part of the fun for the cheerleaders was all spending the night at Bailey Parker’s house the night before to get ready for it.” Spirit train was fun for everyone, but cheerleaders loved it way more. “Yes!! We all looked forward to Fridays just for spirit train. It definitely set the mood for the rest of the day and got us so pumped up.” Most of the highschool drove and or rode in the spirit train. The spirit train two years ago was way bigger than it is now. “Most of the time 20-25 people. Maybe more I don’t really remember.” Says Rankin, but Crosby says, “there was never less than 50 people and on big games days it could have been like 75 people or maybe even more.

Spirit train was a huge deal when I was in high school and was the main thing people looked forward to during the school year.” There was always a big crowd full of laughter and cheering for the people when they came by. “We didn’t really care if people came or not. The kids were always out there and they had the most fun reactions. We were honestly having too much fun to even notice.” Says Rankin. There was never really not a big crowd outside waiting for them. “There were always kids out there and most of the time our parents would stay and cheer us on. Even if there wasn’t a big crowd, we were in our own world going crazy so it didn’t phase us one bit.”

All of the CA parents were always so supportive and so were the elementary kids, and the highschoolers too, so there was rarely a small crowd. The kids that were not in the spirit train were not forced to come watch but it was greatly appreciated by everyone. “ Spirit train wasn’t mandatory. Only had to watch if you wanted, but most people did.” Rankin says even if the big kids were not there the elementary still came.”