Life of a CA senior mom

Carter Martin, Staff Writer

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The life of a senior mom is definitely busy. There are many involved moms that help their senior child have the best senior year. The senior moms are very supportive of their kids some of them even danced at the pep rally before the Winston game. 

  Mrs. McGuffee is Walker McGuffee’s mom. You can find her at any football game home or away if it is a home game she will be in the concession stand more than likely and if it is away she will be in the bleachers cheering on her son. She is always making pregame meals and post-game meals for the players and she always has a smile on. McGuffee said, “I just love this group of kids.”

Alison Martin, a teacher at Canton Academy and senior mom, says “I’ll probably spend five to six hours a week at the school with the seniors.” The senior moms are all over campus and you will see them during and out of school hours. They are trying to help their kids have the best senior year possible. 

Mrs. Movelyn Harris, Josh Harris’s mom, said “I spend about 6 hours a week at school. Josh started CA in 4K. I like to embarrass josh by hugging/kissing him in front of his buddies. My favorite sport to watch is archery because when they all shoot at the same time, I imagine it sounds like “Custer’s last stand.”  My favorite thing about being a senior mom is all the things we do for them this year makes me spend more time with the other parents and get to know all of them better and find out just how awesome all of them are too.” Josh Harris plays football, baseball, and archery and Mrs. Movelyn is a true fan at all three. 

Vickie Biggers, Bethany Biggers’s mom, said “My favorite thing about being a Senior mom is seeing how the Seniors all rally together on projects and the excitement of being Seniors sinks in.” Anyone on campus can truly tell that the seniors are really enjoying their senior year.

Michelle Goza, Drew Goza’s mom, “LOVES basketball.” She is at every basketball game on the schedule and is always supportive. Drew has been at CA since four year old kindergarten. Mrs. Michelle said, “I spend about 4 hours a week at the school but it will definitely be more during basketball season.” 

Kaye Carr is Jack Carr, the punter’s, mom. She said, “My favorite part about being a senior mom is watching them not only being excited about senior year but also them, not us, decide what their next step in future will be. We have laid the foundation up until this point and it is exciting to see how our groundwork unfolds in them.” Jack Carr came his junior year and has definitely fit in well at CA. 

Jeb Bailey came to CA his sophomore year if you did not know this you would think he had been a Panther forever. Jeb’s brother goes to a different school so Angela Bailey, Jeb’s step-mom, does not get to spend as much time at CA as she would like. Bailey said, “Helping my boys think through how to follow God’s plan by matching their desires for their future with their God given talent,” Is her favorite thing about being a senior mom. 

There are five senior moms that graduated from CA. The first is Vickie Biggers, mom of Bethany Biggers, Dottie Fedducia, mom of JT Fedducia, Semmie Follin, mom of Scarlet Follin, Priscilla Lott, mom of Jacob Lott, and Melissa Mabry, mom of Alex Mabry. These moms love The big CA and love their seniors. Mrs. Tammie Elsen, Lance Elsen’s mom, said, “I love having a front row seat to their show.” They definitely are putting on a show. CA would not be the same with out the senior moms and they are greatly appreciated.