New CA Civinettes Inductees

Carter Martin, Staff Writer

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The civinettes are girls in high school that are put together as a group for community service. There are six members of the Madison County Civinettes that attend Canton Academy. Sophomore Maggie Claire Thomas, Juniors Sarah Kennedy Lampkin, Allie Parkinson, and Abbie Parkinson and seniors Anna Goodloe and Joy Caston. 

Over Madison County there are about a hundred members in the club. To have six of the members go to Canton Academy is awesome. The leader of the Madison County Civinettes is Hannah Rowland. As part of being a civinette it there many community service opportunities. The civinettes serve at the Little Lighthouse, Madcap, and Hope Hollow. 

Not just anyone is allowed to be in this club. To become a civinette you have fill out an application given to you by Rowland then you have to write an essay, get two recommendations, and most importantly, be a girl. 

Thomas said “My favorite part is meeting new people from other schools and making new friends.” 

Not only is it fun and the right thing to do but there are scholarships if you are in it for a certain period of time. It will put a good quality on your resume for the rest of your life. There are monthly meeting at the Methodist Church in Madison. “They said there was going to be a dance and all of us are very excited,” Thomas added.

At Canton Academy to graduate you’re required to get 40 hours of community service. So being in the civinettes club can help get these community service hours in fun ways and with friends.  Lampkin said “…Every thing that we do is fun and interesting and a lot more people should do it.”

Caston explained, “My favorite part about being a civinette is helping out with fundraisers for Hope Hollow.” These students are outstanding citizens and will go on to do great things.