The Festival of Harvest

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The Festival of Harvest

Chaney Hale, Staff Writer

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Canton Academy has always been a very festive environment and always has many fundraisers and social events. One event that everyone looks forward to is the annual harvest festival, but how much do people really know about it and its history?

 Former Canton Academy Parents’ Auxiliary president and former harvest festival chairman, Shea Hale, said, “Harvest Festival used to be called Halloween Carnival here. I remember attending it as a small child. CA has been doing it for at least forty years.” 

So the harvest festival has been a CA tradition for a very long time, but what is the meaning of it? Hale said, “Harvest Festival dates back to decades and decades ago. Townspeople used to get together and all help each other harvest their crops. After harvesting, they would hold a community celebration known as Harvest Festival. The meaning has changed over the years though. For CA, it means a night of fun and fellowship for our community.”

Harvest festival is very important to the people of CA, and  they all love it. When asked the importance of harvest festival, Hale added, “It‘s important because it’s a tradition here, and it’s a great opportunity for us all to get together and visit and raise money for the school. The entire community is invited to join in on the fun.”

Hale knows the importance of Harvest Festival and the kind of impact it makes on CA students. “I think everything we do makes an impact on the kids, good or bad. Fortunately, this event makes a positive impact on our students here at CA, as well as other children in the community.”

  From the looks of the festival, set-up for the event must be stressful. “No, I wouldn’t call it stressful. It’s a lot of work but when everyone pitches in, it goes pretty smoothly. We don’t mind putting the time into it because it’s important to do fun, positive things for our school, and it’s important for us to give back to our community, ” said Allison Townsend, current CAPA President.  Townsend added, “We always have lots of games and other fun stuff like inflatable bounce houses, the cakewalk, mechanical bull, hay rides, and more. We often do some of the same things each year as long as they’ve been successful previously. What makes our festival unique is the people.” Even when doing the same things back-to-back years, the students and parents still enjoy going. 

Every year the harvest festival brings in money for CA, but where does that money really go? Townsend said, “Various projects around the school. It’s never used for one particular thing. CAPA purchased the door entry system for elementary, the new additions to the playground, as well as contributing to staff Christmas bonuses. We try to meet the needs of the school, whatever that may be.” There is no doubt that the harvest festival is very important to the people of CA. Hopefully, this is one tradition that will continue for many years to come.