Is cheer a sport?

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Is cheer a sport?

Madelynn Cochran, Staff Writer

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Cheer is something that most schools have. There is also competitive cheer, that is not at school and you go to competitions all over the world, and you don’t do actual cheers or use pom poms. In competitive cheer, you learn one dance each year and compete that dance each time. School cheer is different. There are many different cheers you learn, and do all of them every football game. In school cheer you also learn a new dance each week to perform at pep rallies. School cheer and competitive cheer have many things in common also. 

They both do jumps, stunts, and tumbling. There is a lot of hard work that goes into both of them. 

Canton Academy has a school cheer team. There is a junior high and high school team. In school cheer, there is a pep rally every friday that there if a football game. Cheerleaders put on the pep rally. The cheerleaders learn a new dance every week to perform, they do a different cheer each pep rally, and they also do a different chant each pep rally. The cheerleaders also do a band dance each week. At the pep rally there is a skit, and the cheerleaders come up with a skit, and get the supplies for it. 

The cheerleaders at CA also does extra stuff on Fridays, like spirit train. The cheerleaders go to Mcdonald’s every Friday morning then ride in spirit train in front of the school before school starts. Each week there is a theme that the cheerleaders choose to dress up as on Friday. The cheerleaders go all out to dress up for the themes. Some other extra things that the cheerleaders at Canton Academy is goody bags and locker signs. Every Friday, the football players have a goody bag in their locker, filled with candy in it. They also have a sign on their locker that is made by the cheerleaders, and it goes along with the theme that everyone is dressed up as. 

CA cheerleaders also go to UCA cheer camp every summer. This is where they learn one or two dances, a band dance, two or three cheers, and also many new stunts. Cheer camp lasts three days, and on the last day you have to perform what you learned in those three days, and you are evaluated on them. At cheer camp, all the teams are competing against each other. There is an award for a cheer, dance, and a band dance. There is also the top banana award, which is the best award to get. This year, the Canton Academy cheerleaders brought home the top banana award. 

Sophomore cheerleader, Starr spivey, said, “Yes, cheer is a sport because it is the only thing you tryout for at CA. It is very competitive, dangerous, and many muscles are pulled.” She also said that stunting, practicing, and learning new cheers and dances is very difficult. Spivey also thinks that cheer is a very competitive sport. “We learn a band dance, a regular dance, two or three cheers, and compete against other teams for top banana which is the most spirited at the cheer camp. There is also all american tryouts, and the winners could eventually go to disney or england for cheer. Starr thinks the hardest thing about cheer is the stunting, because they are very hard to learn. Her favorite thing about cheer is that there is no drama. Spivey thinks that everyone on the team is very close and that everyone gets along. 

Sophomore football player, Cole Mcknight, said, school cheer is not a sport unless you compete, competition cheer is a sport because they practice more and the girls at school cheer do not care.” Mcknight thinks that only some of the cheerleaders at Canton Academy try at cheer and actually want to be a cheerleader. Mckinght’s favorite part about cheer is watching the flyers go up in the air in the stunts. 

Mom of two school cheerleaders, Misti Cochran, thinks that cheer is a sport, because it is physical exercise and there is a lot of practice. She also thinks it is a sport because there is competition at camp. Cochran thinks that the CA cheerleaders do a great job cheering at the games, because they pay attention and do cheers accordingly to the game. She also thinks they do a great job because they always get excited for the team, especially when the team is doing good. Cochran thinks that school cheer is very expensive, but she also thinks that it is worth it, because they put in a lot of hard work and do a lot of fundraising. She thinks that football would not be the same without the cheerleaders. Cochran says she loves watching the cheerleaders because they are so cute, and she likes to see their hard work pay off. 

School cheer and competitive cheer are very similar, but are also very different. There are many different opinions about cheer being classified as a sport. Canton Academy cheerleaders do many great things for the football team, and they are a great cheer squad.