The homecoming court experience and 2019 queen

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The homecoming court experience and 2019 queen

Madelynn Cochran, Staff Writer

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Homecoming is a big topic in many schools all over the world. Most schools in the United States have a homecoming dance and football game every year. At Canton Academy, the homecoming dance is right after the football game, but at some schools, the homecoming dance is the Saturday after the football game. 

Every year at homecoming there is also a homecoming court. This is voted on by each class. At Canton Academy, there is one boy and one girl chosen, some schools do three or four of each gender.  Many schools do things differently than others. Three seniors are chosen each year at CA. Of those three seniors, one will be chosen by the whole junior high and high school for homecoming queen. 

This year at Canton Academy, the seventh graders were Gates Welch and John Thomas. The eighth graders were Ashlyn Thompson and Lj Jones. The ninth graders were Colbi Long and Jake Nichols. The sophomores were Carli Cooper and Collin Gray. The juniors were Sara Kennedy Lampkin and Kyle Brasher. The three senior girls were Bethany Biggers, Aislynn Cochran, and Scarlett Follin. 

Aislynn Cochran is Canton Academy’s 2019 homecoming queen. 

This year, homecoming was held on Oct. 4. Seventh grade maid, Gates Welch said her favorite part about being on homecoming court was being able to pick out a pretty dress. She also said she loved getting to see everyone else in pretty dresses. Welch also said she was pretty confident that Aislynn was going to win queen. 

Sophomore maid, Carli Cooper, said that she really enjoyed being on homecoming court. Her favorite part was picking out her dress. Cooper also says that it was really fun being able to get all dressed up and be able to look fancy. She said that she was shocked when they announced that she won sophomore maid, because there were multiple girls that could have won. Cooper says, “I wasn’t shocked when Aislynn won, I think she deserved it and I felt like she was gonna win.” She thinks that Cochran is very deserving of homecoming queen at CA. 

Junior maid, Sara Kennedy Lampkin, said her favorite part was being able to get dressed up for the game. Lampkin said it only took her about two hours to get ready, but took her a lot of time to get everything ready because she had to purchase many things, and remember everything she needed. Sara Kennedy was very tired after the game, but that was the only stressful part about homecoming. Lampkin said it was a really fun and cool experience. 

Homecoming queen, Aislynn Cochran, said she was very excited just to be named a senior maid. She said that when she won queen she was very shocked because many people were voting, and the other girls had a good chance of winning too. Cochran really wanted to win, so when they called her name, she was very exciting. She was so shocked and very happy. Cochran said that the day of homecoming was very fun, and that she went to get her a loaded tea, so she could have a lot of energy. Cochran also said that the most stressful thing was making sure she had all of her stuff. She had to have many things for the pep rally, the game, and the dance. She wanted to make sure that she did not forget anything. Aislynn is most excited to be able to come back to homecoming at CA next year, and get to ride in a convertible to crown next year’s homecoming queen. 

Homecoming is a very fun week, and night. It is a really cool day, and it is very fun to see everyone dressed up in fancy dresses and suits. Many of the alumni also come to the football game, so it is very fun to take pictures and see people you haven’t seen in a long time. Homecoming was very fun this year. The court, and queen were all very deserving.