The New Baseball Coach

Ephraim Hill, Sports Editor

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As the new baseball coach, Coach Josh Parks is excited for baseball season to start. He has coached at Saint Andrews and has a wife and two children and also has  other family members that live in Canton. He put most of his passion in baseball and is ready for season practice to start, “I am trying to get as many players prepared to be great during the regular season even though many other athletes playing other sports so im working with the ones I have now so they can be good during the season.”


CA is known to have a great baseball team usually every year and almost every year coaches get intense and become serious about the game of baseball. “I want them to know that I am intense and passionate. When it comes to the game of baseball I take this serious because I love the game of baseball and love training athletes and helping them to be the best that they can be. I’ll be in their face about it and if they can’t execute what I want them to the I’ll let them know about.”


Sometimes being head coach takes time away from extra activities, “You get to be apart of something that you love and get around all the time, day in and day out. It also takes away from spending time with my family but fortunately they also love the game of baseball and they’ll be around the ballpark they can be as well.”


As the head baseball coach, Parks takes time out of his day time make sure the field is cut, the dugout is cleaned, drags the field in the morning and evening, and trains and instructs the baseball team.


“I just love the game and being a coach was one of the ways I could continue being around the game. I remember the influences I had growing up and the coaches that I had who took interest in me and help me get to where I could succeed. So I want to return the favor and help young athletes that have passion for baseball like I did when I was growing up.”


Parks has great experience when it comes to baseball, he has led teams to be champions such as Saint Andrews when they won the State title in 2008, and has led teams to become more of a family than ever before. “Camaraderie with in the team, guys being able to get along with each other no matter if somebody makes a mistake they are there to pick them each other up.”