New Playground for CA Children

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New Playground for CA Children

Madison Blakely, Staff Writer

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The new playground was upgraded over the summer at Canton Academy. The new playground was funded partially from the draw-down last school year. While everyone was out enjoying their summer, the playground was being built for the new school year.

Along with it, came a new sidewalk leading to it for the children and teachers to use. This makes it easier for students not to tumble or trip on their way to the playground. The new playground was also built with rubber palettes which makes it safer for children to play on it without getting hurt too bad. It also includes a brand new canopy that students enjoy because they can stay under the shade to play. 

Headmaster Ron Jurney was excited to give information about the playground and told parents, “As a result of a very successful Drawdown Fundraiser and help from The Canton Academy Parents Association, CA  was able to make huge improvements to the playground. Rubberized filler has been placed in the play areas so that the children can play in a safer and more comfortable area for years to come.  A screen cover was placed over the larger play area and a new sidewalk was put in. Five trees were also removed,” he said.

Recess is very important for the children because they often need time to let all of their crazy energy out to focus better in the classroom. A structured environment, like Canton Academy, can be hard on the younger kids who have so much built up energy.

Younger children, three-year-olds through kindergarten, get to go out for recess twice a day. The children will get to play between twenty or thirty minutes. Unlike older children, first grade through sixth, who get to go out once a day. The older children get to play for forty minutes. Playing on the playground varies every other day. Some days the students will have to participate in P.E. Teachers can also benefit from recess because they will be able to have a break and relax away from the classroom.

For many children, playing on the playground can get messy when they are having so much fun. Younger kids, three-year-olds to five-year-olds, are only able to play in certain areas of the playground since they may be hurt in other sections.

Overall, the new playground is a great addition to CA. Many children love playing on it and all the new add-ons they built for it.