CA honors the new and improved track

Carrington Curtis, Staff Writer

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2019 was a very special year for Canton academy because of the new, state of the art track. This new project has been thought upon for the past few years but never really put any action into getting this project done. 

Sophomore Raleigh Quayle says ” I think its better than the old one and better for our feet and doesn’t give us shin splints”. Throughout the years many of the coaches, athletes, and the CA families were suggesting to get a “new and improved” track. Since the old one seemed run down and had many cracks throughout it, and just didn’t look well put together. The faculty and athletic department both agreed that it was now time for a new track to do be done. 

With many new additions to the school this past year, the new track had to be at the top of all of them. Sophomore Graham Lambert says ” This new track is a lot more fun to run on, and a lot easier on our feet than the asphalt track” This was a huge project for CA, and really changed the way of how other schools now view us. With now an improved track and many other new technologies at school, this was really the year for CA to shine. Both the families and students were very excited once they heard about this new project being done, and are very impressed with the outcome.  

Many of the Canton Academy athletes kept on suggesting to get a new rubberized track,  after complaining about getting shin splints on the old asphalt track, they knew it was time for a new one. Sophomore Raleigh Quayle also says she ” Likes home meets on the new track , were more comfortable but I also like them away, because we get out of school for the whole day.” The reason behind wanting a new track is simply to get a better look, instead of having an old and worn down asphalt track it was now time for a big improvement.

Throughout the years, many state champions were made on the original CA track, but it was time for a new and improved look. After countless weeks, the workers worked day and night to get this track finished. Each and everyday the student could see a slight improvement of the track which made both coaches and athletes beyond excited. 

And although many of the past and current track team is going to miss all the memories on the original track, I know everyone was looking forward to the new red rubberized track.

 You may be wondering who is the company behind this big track project and the name of this company is ADCAMP. ADCAMP is one of the schools platinum sponsors who also re-did the high school parking lot a few years ago. Canton Academy thanks all of our platinum, gold, silver, and bronze sponsors for all they have done for our school. Canton Academy honors these sponsors with signs hanging up throughout the track, and lanes named after some of our platinum sponsors.