The man behind Grace Fellowship

Raleigh Quayle, Staff Writer

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 For years, Grace Fellowship has used the Canton Academy auditorium for their place of worship. Larry Saxton, known for keeping up with the school’s lawn and encouraging students during his visits, is the pastor at Grace Fellowship. 

As the founder of Grace Fellowship Saxton has a lot of responsibilities. He has to take care of the church and teach the congregation about Jesus Christ. “God told me I needed to lead Grace Fellowship and I felt the need to do it,” said Saxton. A Canton native, Saxton and his wife founded Grace Fellowship in 2007. “I pray for people, visit them, share the gospel and I would tell them that I would love for them to come and visit with us,” said Saxton 

Over the years, Saxton has been teaching about our one and only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The way Saxton characterizes the understanding of Biblical church leadership is Biblical based. His style of leadership is to push people to follow Christ and come closer with faith.“I preach with spirit field, direct eye contact, current events and illustrations based on the gospel,” said Saxton

Saxton loves to preach with his wife and his children in the room. He also wants to make sure everyone around him is excited about worship. 

“Luke-warmness and half hearted is the greatest danger to the peace of the church,” said Saxton

Some ways Saxton tries to help the unbelievers of Jesus Christ would be talk to them and pray that Jesus would find a way into their hearts. 

“My greatest weaknesses as a pastor would be high management, planning, listening, and waiting,” said Saxton.

 Saxton’s goals for Grace Fellowship are similar to most church’s goals they are to walk closer to God as a congregation and see the lost accept Christ as their Lord and savior.

 “I pray and everything I try to do I pray about it, I love to pray and I try to focus on a vibrant prayer life,” said Saxton.

His favorite thing to talk about is Jesus Christ as ministry. “I want to see more Church’s be passionate more about Jesus Christ,” said Saxton.

“He’s an amazing preacher, he speaks in real life terms and more people come to Grace Fellowship,” said CA sophomore Jake Ramsey a current member of the church.

Not only does Saxton preach to some of the CA students, but he is also the father of two Ca graduates, Stuardt and Cody Saxton. During their prime here at CA, Saxton could be found on the sidelines supporting his boys and cheering on the Panthers.

Nothing has changed, as he is often seen at Canton Academy assisting in every way possible. He hopes to continue to remain a positive influence to his congregation and the CA community as he spreads God’s word.