CA bells ring to a new beat

Madelynn Cochran, Staff Writer

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Can students finish their lunch in only 15 minutes?  Lunch time is a big topic for many different schools. All schools around the world have many different lunch times. In the past, Canton Academy has had two 30 minute lunches. All of the students at CA enjoyed having a thirty minute lunch because it was enough time to get through the line, and eat the food without the bell interrupting. CA has a junior high and a high school lunch. Having two lunches is very beneficial because there are too many students to have one lunch with everyone at once. This year, however, is different, because each lunch is only 15 minutes long. There have been many people complaining about lunch not being long enough. Most students think that this is not enough time to eat lunch.

There have also been many other changes in the bell schedule. Mrs Carter, CA counselor, said, “Coach Earnhart came up with the idea to have a later start.” Coach Earnhart, CA principal, thinks the later start will make students do better in school.  This year, school now starts at 8:15 a.m., whereas last year, school started at 8:05 a.m. Mrs. Carter says, “With extra time in between classes, students should be less likely to be tardy.”  

Mrs. Carter also thinks that it is better for athletes to have a later start, because they may be out late at a game the previous night. If there is a later start then it will help them do better in school. Mrs. Carter says that this is better for students who go to watch sporting events because they will get home late too.

Coach Earnhart did research about later starts at other schools. He read online that it will help students make better grades, and make them not as tired if they get a later start. He also agreed with Mrs. Carter, that it will help the student athletes.

Another big change at CA this year is additional time in between each class. In the past, there have been three minutes in between each class, but this year, there are four minutes.  Junior, Allie Parkinson, said, “I’ve never had trouble getting to class on time so I don’t think it will be that hard.”  Teachers say that they do not want students to go to the bathroom during class anymore, so they added time to do it in between classes. 

This year, there is one break for the whole seventh through twelfth grade. This is different from last year because last year there was two. Some students think that there is not enough time for everyone to get food or a drink in 15 minutes with the whole seventh through twelfth grade.

Parkinson also said that “in order to get food, I have to beat all of the younger students to the cafeteria. If I don’t beat them, then I don’t have enough time to eat my food without the bell ringing.”  Parkinson also says that she would rather break be longer than lunch. 

In the past years, students would go to tutoring during sixth or seventh period. During sixth and seventh period, there were also sports practices going on. Tutoring this year is now in the morning. It is from 7:30 a.m. to 8:15. a.m.

Track practice was a big reason for this change. Coach Ben Williams, who is the track and field coach, did not like that students were missing his track practice to go to tutoring. He understands that school is important, but many students started going to tutoring just to get out of running at track practice. Parkinson says, “I hate this new rule, because I don’t like waking up early.” She also does not like it because she does not have an excuse to miss track practices because of the morning tutoring sessions. 

Different students have different opinions on the new bell schedule. Canton Academy changed many things this year, but the thing that caused the biggest conflict was the shorter amount of time at lunch.