National Honor Society inductions

Chaney Hale, Staff Writer

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“Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education,” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This quote could be the motto of The National Honor Society. The National Honor Society is an organization for high school students across the nation, arguably the brightest and best high school students. The NHS was founded in 1921 and membership is based on academic achievement, leadership, and character.  Mr. Dan Bradshaw is the current NHS sponsor here at Canton Academy and was willing to share his insight on the organization and the role he plays in the organization. 

“I enjoy being the sponsor for National Honor Society. I think it’s really important to have an organization that honors our best and brightest. They’re going to make me sponsor something, so it’s good that it’s actually something that I care about and think is important,” Bradshaw explained.

There are many teachers in this school that could have sponsored NHS, but Mr. Bradshaw is the one that was chosen to do the job.  Bradshaw is not really sure how he became the chosen one, but said, “I was asked to be the sponsor. It wasn’t my idea. Mrs. Chestnut was the previous sponsor and she left. When they asked me, I said yes.”

Mr. Bradshaw is obviously a very smart man. Not only is he the sponsor now, but he was in NHS back in his high school days. “It’s really hard to compare NHS from my high school to CA’s NHS because I went to a very different kind of high school. I think the idea is still the same- to help the community and to make better people. So it’s much more the same than changed,” Bradshaw explained.

He also explained the advantages to being a member of the NHS. “Members have the ability to receive scholarships for college through the organization, and being  a member also looks great on a college resume’.”

He stressed that members are able to make a lot of connections through being involved in the community with NHS, and those connections can possibly be helpful in obtaining a job later in life. CA’s NHS chapter put on field day last year for the school, and they also volunteered at the Mustard Seed in Flowood, Miss. 

One of the requirements of NHS is good character. Bradshaw explained that this is an important quality. “Character is absolutely important.  If a member gets suspended from school, we have to have a big meeting to see if the member can stay in the society. Character is probably the most important characteristic of all,” said Bradshaw. 

Students often look at being a member of a group is just a way to get out of class or they just want to be a member so they can be with their friends.  Bradshaw believes induction into NHS should be taken with sincerity by its members and when questioned about this, he replied, “Wow, good question. Sincerity is important. NHS is important. It benefits the community. It benefits the member. Anything that makes the world a better place is something that should be taken seriously.”  

Some students at Canton Academy agree with Bradshaw about the importance of NHS. John Hollis Hutchinson, CA sophomore, was recently inducted into the NHS. “I was happy when I got inducted into NHS. It was a big deal. I like to have good grades and it made me want to keep going with my good grades. I don’t always like that I have to spend so much time doing school work and working on my grades, but being chosen for the NHS made me want to continue to do good,” said Hutchinson.

Chance Persac, a current CA freshman, commented on whether or not he would like to be in NHS next year. “Of course, I would. Having good grades and being a good person is important. It makes you feel good about yourself and it makes your parents happy too,” said Persac. It sounds like the National Honor Society makes the perfect combination- happy students and happy parents.