Junior class hopes for a new tradition

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Junior class hopes for a new tradition

Mackenzie Pyron, Photography Editor

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Self-expression and creativity is something that should be prominent among students, especially students who attend private school. Canton Academy’s junior class has rolled out a grand new idea to make their upcoming senior year more memorable, which is to pain their senior parking spaces.  Several public school districts in Jackson and a few other private school districts take part in this exciting tradition. This would give seniors a chance to express their creative individualism, and even something to be proud of. 

With any new idea, comes questions and concerns. What type of paint students would be allowed to use? Why do students even want to participate in this? Will there be limitations to what students can put on their spots? Would all drivers have assigned parking spots, and many more, but be assured this article will go over everything. After interviewing students and staff members of CA, many opinions were brought to light, some in favor of the idea, others considering it. 

Heaven McNalty, a 2021 graduate, was one of the students interested in the idea. McNalty is very bright and bubbly so she feels it would be a good idea because it would be a good way to express oneself. “It shows everyone that I’m a senior and it’s kind of a special way for me to make my mark on last time.” 

McNalty definitely thinks that there should be limits. “Of course there should be limits because some people might write offensive language and we just really need to keep this school appropriate.” 

However, with painted parking spots comes assigned parking spots. McNalty views this as a negative addition. “I don’t know how I feel about that, I feel like people will want certain parking spots and it will just be chaotic.”

If this idea was passed along the school board this would affect all student drivers and teachers alike, but, Mrs. Warren, High School English, Journalism teacher, and Junior class sponsor, had a completely different outlook on the idea, “No I don’t think it would be a bad idea, if we just picked one section for all the seniors to be in it could work as long as we could organize the trucks with the trucks, the little cars with the little cars, and yeah as long as the idea was organized and thought out I think it could work.”

Since the idea has been brought to light people might be wondering if students in the past have brought up this question. Coach Earnhart, principal and teacher at CA, was even involved with this creative and exciting new possibility. “I like the idea of allowing the seniors to do something personal and unique, but paint might not be the best idea. It’s just not a good way to go especially with permanency. I think maybe something with chalk, because it would not be permanent. But, I myself, like the idea of this individualistic type of way for them to leave their mark.” His views on the idea might be striding away from paint, but he does indeed have a point, for not to long ago the school did just pave new asphalt over the parking lot.

 Since all opinions and ideas have been expressed from the staff and students alike McNalty and Warren both talked about what they would paint on their parking spots if they could. McNalty replied with “Well of course I would want something that expresses me, like what sports I play.”

Anyone who knows Mrs. Warren knows she’s a big fan of cacti. “I was super into bright colors, tie dye, and other hippie stuff when I was in high school, like the peace frog, yeah I would definitely put him on there. I was also a big fan of soccer, you see I have been playing it since I was little, or maybe a pencil because I was actually on the journalism staff too.” Now when Warren talked about what she would paint on her spot now, it’s exactly what everyone expected. “Oh it would match my classroom. People would look at it and go that’s Mrs Warren’s spot right there.”