Swinging into senior year

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Swinging into senior year

Emma Grace Poquette, Staff Writer

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Senior year is a bittersweet year because many people that have formed relationships with coaches and players are leaving. Seniors, Riley Smith and Aislynn Cochran have been playing softball for a collective 18 years on and off CA’s team

Smith said her favorite memory of this softball season was when Raleigh Quayle hit her in the eye with a softball and gave her a black eye for three weeks. Smith plans to go to Holmes Community College for two years and then go to Southern Mississippi University to get her medical degree and be a dermatologist. Smith said, “If that does not work out then I would like to become a nurse and help people.”

Cochran, on the other hand, wants to go to Northwest Mississippi Community College and then Mississippi State University and major in occupational therapy. Cochran said, “I want to play softball or cheer but I am indecisive at the moment.”

Coach Smith said,” It is always sad when the seniors leave because you get close to kids and you wonder if your ever going to see them again after they graduate.” Coach Smith said, “I am going to miss seeing the seniors every day because there is always an empty spot when they are gone.”

 Smith said, “We have had a good season so far but we could have pushed ourselves harder.” She said she is going to miss pre game and post game the most because of what we do together. 

Cochran is going to miss Coach Lance, Coach Smith, and playing with her sister. Smith says her biggest inspiration this year is her dad. Smith’s favorite thing about softball was getting to play and us all being together after we win. Cochran’s favorite thing about softball was playing games.

Smith had mixed emotions because she liked how Coach Earnhart was but at the same time she was ready for something new. Smith wants to leave to softball players with the idea to keep a positive attitude and push yourself to a limit so whenever you think that you’ve reached your limit push yourself harder. Also play as hard as you can every game and don’t just let yourself go whenever you think that you’re losing because you never know what can happen. Smith predicts that the rest of the season will go pretty good if players just continue to keep our head in the game.

Cochran’s thoughts on the new coach were that is was beneficial because it’s always good for someone new to come in and give their perspective. Cochran hopes to leave to new softball players with knowing that they can do whatever they want to if they put their mind to it, they just have to work for it. 

Smith always has a positive impact on players and said, “Being loud and cheering people on is always a good way to impact the new players. Also putting myself in the game even when I didn’t play could’ve set a positive impact on new players.”

Smith said she hopes people most remember her positive attitude and her being loud. Cochran hopes that people most remember her work ethic and how she always gave a hundred percent no matter what activity was being done.

Cochran’s final thoughts on the senior night game was she wanted to win at senior night game and the last home game of the season but at the same time thought we played pretty well.