Jurney: the man, the mystery, the legend


Jake Jurney, Staff Writer

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Ron Jurney, the head of school at Canton Academy, has coached football for over 30 years. He has had an amazing career and coach many exceptional athletes along the way. Coach Jurney came to Canton Academy in 2009 to be the head football coach. After a short period of time, Coach Jurney left Canton Academy and went to coach at Brandon Academy. Later, Coach decided to return to Canton Academy, to become the head coach again. He also took on the role of Headmaster. To return to CA felt like coming home after a long journey.

While at Canton Academy Coach Jurney had an amazing record of 57 wins and 29 losses. After an amazing season and winning state, Coach Jurney retired. He then gave the job of head coach position to Craig Bowman.

Coach Jurney said, “Well, the biggest reason I retired from coaching football was because I had done it for two years, as the head of school and the football coach, and after one championship I felt the time was right and because I really felt like I was getting spread too thin.”

Jurney talked about the relationships that developed with players and how it was all a lot of fun and very enjoyable. Jurney’s commented on state saying,“Well, we beat Tri-county–obviously we beat them for the state. I think we beat them by two points in the District championship game. There was a huge crowd, great atmosphere, even if it was at their place. For the state championship, we had as big of a crowd as the bigger schools like Prep and JA.” Jurney felt like  most of Madison County turned out to see an amazing display of talent and they got exactly what they wanted, the game of the year.  

Jurney reminisced about coaching at Ole Miss in 1983. He explained how the team started out 1-5 and we finished 6-5, went to a bowl game, so we won 5 games in a row.  He also explained that it was an inspirational standpoint.

“Ole Miss was a team that was down and hadn’t been to a bowl game in 12 years and it would have been easy for them to quit but because of the senior leadership they turned it around.” He continued with, “There are things in life that happen that we have no control over some times and our character is exemplified as to how we respond to it, we show we can respond positively or we could respond negatively, that’s up to the team, that’s up to the leadership of the team, will other guys step up.”

He felt like a frustrating thing  in the game of football was to see a player, that is blessed with great ability, fail to reach their full potential due to a lack of effort. He said, “When I was the head coach at the University of West Georgia, we had the first winning season that they had ever had, that was in 1991.” He closed with expressing that he wanted them to feel like it wasn’t always about football. To Jurney, it was about helping motivate them to be a better person, to be well prepared for life.