Who is Pounce the Panther?

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Who is Pounce the Panther?

Collin Gray, Op/Ed Editor

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In August 2018 the Canton Academy Mascot returned to CA. The panther comes back jamming to songs such as “Shake it”  by Metro station, “I’ts Tricky” by Run DMC, “Take on Me” by Aha and other jams.

The Panther was born in 1965 in Canton Academy and has been 17 years old ever since 1984. In Pounces’s free time he loves to dance, read the panther post, and you may find him at the Mary-go-Round on the playground. He really enjoys pepping up crowds/players up at games and celebration, especially for football.

The Panther started dancing five minutes after he was born. “As soon as I was born I just felt the need to boogie,” said Pounce.

“My favorite dance move is the Bop Wiggly, a dance I created myself,” Pounce added. This dance was created when the Panthers beat Tri-County  last year and the Panther broke out into celebration.

Pounce has a little brother, Peter the Panther, who is currently living in Canton Academy Elementary. The panther was raised by his father Paul Panther and his mother Panther Pauline. The panther has a grandfather that goes by Panther Earl.

“My mom and dad love to dance , but they are not very good at it , but fortunately I’ve got my Grandfather who taught me to dance the way I do,” Pounce said.

Pounce has been waiting for this school year and is very excited to pep and dance for the CA panthers. You can see the panther at pep rallies and football games. If you see him be sure to give a big high five!