New track to be installed

Abbey Magee, Opinion Editor

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Coach Ben Williams, the track coach of nine years is very excited about the new track being built.

When Williams transferred over to coach the girls basketball from Tri-County Academy, when he was offered the job as track coach.

Williams said,”I took the job as track coach because I was coaching track before I came over here so I took it.”

The new rubber track will have eight lanes instead of six like the asphalt track Canton Academy has now.

Canton Academy raised the money for the track from donations and other school functions.

Williams said, “We have had some gifting kinds which means some work donated and of course gate proceeds from future track meets taken into consideration.”

Alot of donated work and donated time has gone a long ways from this track to be installed.

The projected due date for the track is looking like hopefully the middle of January.

Alot of things have to be done before the rubber installation.

The asphalt had to be laid first.

The company laying down the asphalt is the Adcamp Company.

The surface of the track will be done by epic tracks.

Williams also said,”Epic Tracks is a popular company who lays down the rubber surface on the track, after the asphalt has been put down.”

He thinks that this new track will influence athletes.

Williams thinks that the new track will be a great and really nice improvement to the school.

This new track installation is an amazing addition to the campus of Canton Academy.

It is going to benefit all athletes at CA not only track.

It will decrease injuries when in comes to track.

“The track team has always been beneficial to all sports. With a high quality, top of the line track to practice on I think it will eliminate injuries due to us having the rubber surface now instead of the old asphalt surface,” said Williams.

This track will also allow Canton students to be able to do what public schools do such as Germantown or Madison Central.

It allows the school to look nice and give athletes a good place to run and workout.

This track will be so nice and it will attract people as well as money.

Having a rubber track will draw attention to more schools that might have not use to come to our track meets to come and participate.

Kendall Calloway a huge part of the track team is also very excited about the new track as well.

Calloway says, “I think getting the new track is a good thing, because we can wear spikes which will help us run faster.

When asked what Calloway thought about the track decreasing injuries like william said it would.

She replied with, “I think it will because its not as hard as the asphalt track and it is harder to trip and fall if you are wearing spikes.”

Everybody at CA is very ecstatic about the new track and the good things it will bring with it.

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New track to be installed