Death Of a Dead Guy

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Death Of a Dead Guy

Abbey Magee, Editor

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Death of a Dead Guy is a play about a guy that was stabbed in the back.

The cast does an investigation to see what really happened in the house.

Why he was stabbed and what he did to deserve this.

The play goes on and they come to find out he’s a part of a group called the international mumblety-peg association.

So he actually stabbed himself in the back after he sneezed flinging the knife in the air only to come back down on his back, killing him.

Collin Grey and Kendall Calloway  the two actors investigating the situation figured this out.

And after they figured it out that was the end.

The actors in the play played out these roles.

Collette, the sneaky maid.

Reginald Bascombe III  the one who was found dead at his desk with a knife in his back.

Pete the meanest investigator known for his skills.

Bertram the butler who was very sarcastic.

Toots Doll Monahan who was a con artist who was in love with Pete the investigator.

Who together finds out the real story of why reginald was found with a knife in his back.

All of the students in the audience clapped as they cast of the Canton Academy theatre class bowed in accomplishment.

It was a very good play.

Very in depth and very well acted.

All of the students who participated in this play did so amazing.

The play really opened peoples eyes to the way CA treats their students and their opinions.

The students show tons of discipline, they remembered all of their lines and played the roll of their character so good.

Canton Academy’s theater program is thriving, all of the actors have done so amazing.

The theatre program has a tremendous chance to thrive at CA as well as the community.

Many people could feel really passionate about their being a theatre group.

It gives students at CA a break and a chance to let loose and be themselves.

After seeing the play Death of a Dead Guy I think that people got to see what CA brings to the table it really broadens the aspect of peoples thoughts on CA.

I think that people should definitely and fully support our theatre program so they can do more plays and maybe even go to different schools to do a play.

CA elective students are really thriving this year.

With theatre, art, and journalism CA is giving students multiple opportunities to thrive for success.

This is the first year that Canton Academy has had a theatre program.

In my opinion everybody, the students and parents are very pleased with how it’s sprouting into something amazing already.

At first the play was a little confusing but as the actors really got into it, it became funny.

I think that the CA theatre program should travel and perform for other schools that do not have a theatre program.

That could encourage more schools to start up the program because it lets kids be themselves.

I think the new theatre program is great for students and teachers to let loose and enjoy themselves.

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Death Of a Dead Guy