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We have so many different programs at our school.

One thing that is really important that is in people’s everyday life is the military prospective.

JROTC is one of the highest military training programs at schools.

All schools have a program for football, softball, baseball, track, soccer, ect.

There is one thing that Canton Academy doesn’t have that many other public schools do have and that is JROTC.

JROTC stands for Junior Reserve Officerś Training Corps.

This program makes students aware of the benefits of citizenship and motivates people to become better American citizens.

JROTC is also about discipline and doing the right thing to complete a task.

It would discipline students at CA at least the ones that would be involved in the program.

JROTC program would be good for students that want to go into the military.

It would help them understand what the military actually is and what its about.

Other things that JROTC is good for is that you have a chance for a scholarship while doing the training in high school.

During all of this training you have chances to go up in ranks in the military.

Then once you get out of training you will already have that experience and will go into the field with higher ranks and more knowledge.

Again JROTC is the training course for high school students that gives them the chances to get a better understanding of what the military is about.

This JROTC program is the key to getting money for college if you are interested in the military.

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Hunter Pigott, Staff Writer

Hunter Pigott is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is a staff writer for The Panther Post. He likes to fish, hunt, and ride his four-wheeler. He does not...

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