Canton academy Should Get a Separate Baseball Locker Room

Jake Hutton, Pp Staff writer

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I think that CA should get a separate baseball locker room.

A good place to put the locker room is next to the batting cage.

We could do fundraisers and raise enough money to afford a locker room.

In the field house the baseball players have to always move lockers depending where the other teams are.

It will be a lot easier for all the baseball players if we had a designated locker room.

It would also be closer to the baseball field and to the school so the baseball team could get ready and be at baseball earlier.

The people that drive to the field house would not have to drive there and their would be more room for everyone else to park.

The parking lot next to the field house is always full and if there was a baseball locker room there would be more space to park at the field house.

There could be two different locker rooms for junior high and varsity.

The lockers could be custom made for baseball stuff with bat holders and places to hold gloves.

It will make it easier before home baseball games because the baseball players can stay in there instead of staying in the batting cage before the games.

We could keep our baseball stuff in the locker room since we would have our own assigned lockers instead of sharing our lockers with other people.

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Jake Hutton, Staff Writer

Jake Hutton is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is a staff writer for The Panther Post. He likes baseball, hunting, and fishing. He doesn't like homework....

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Canton academy Should Get a Separate Baseball Locker Room