Thanksgiving Break

Evan Welch, Pp Staff writer

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Thanksgiving break is something everyone looks forward to every year.

That means no school for students and family spending time which everyone needs.

However for me that means I get to get out of school go have fun with my friends and family.

Thanksgiving day my dad and I have a tradition that we going hunting that morning and evening.

After we come back and eat some turkey with the family.

Thanksgiving is an important holiday in America I really don’t know why but it is celebrated by a lot of people.

My family celebrates Thanksgiving at my house every year.

We have the best food every year from turkey, ham, dressing and my moms homemade Mac and cheese.

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday after Christmas of course because I get to spend time with family that I don’t get to see very often.

Jake Hutton one of my classmates said, “I am going to Greenwood to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family this week.”

I bet he had a good time spending with his family like I did.

The break was fun and filled with excitement.

It was hard to see people leave and have to go back home.

During the break, I also went shopping with family before they left to go back to Florida.

Overall Thanksgiving break was very fun and cool from getting out of school for a week to spending time with my family and friends to hunting and everything else.

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Thanksgiving Break