Jr. High Smackdown Against Sylva Bay

Alijah Otis, Staff Writer

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Jr. High Smackdown against Sylva Bay

By Alijah Otis

PP Staff Writer


On Monday November 12, The Jr. High Boys had a great performance at home vs Sylva Bay Academy.

The game started at 5:00 pm.

Dakota Jordan first started us off by getting Canton the tip off.

The top players were Corey, Marcus, Dakota ,and Jordan.

The Panthers were leading during the both the first and second quarter.

Corey was the most outstanding player scoring with twenty four points.

Dakota was right behind him with sixteen points.

When Corey got the ball he drove to the hole like a mole.

During the third quarter Corey soared through the air like an eagle running from a poacher with a monstrous dunk.

The crowd went wild.

He acted like he did that on the regular.

Once we were up by a lot of points Coach Jeffords put the third string in during the fourth quarter.

The third string scored four points.

As the clock was winding down Jaheim Blackmon shot the ball.

As the ball traveled in slow motion through the air he wetted it.

The crowd and players went nuts.

Jakeim got the last points of the game.

The only people that were not happy was Silva Bay.

Even though Silva Bay lost they put in a good effort.

They had everybody on their toes for about five minutes then we started to skunk them.

After the game they all gathered around the Canton Academy emblem, said the Lord’s prayer, and shook hands like real men.


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Alijah Otis, Staff Writer

Alijah Otis is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is a staff writer for The Panther Post. He likes fishing and outdoor activities. He hates people talking...

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Jr. High Smackdown Against Sylva Bay