Close Win at Caroll For Jr. High Boys

Ty Townsend, Opinion Editor

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Close Win at Caroll For Jr. High Boys

By Ty Townsend

PP Staff Writer


Canton Academy’s Junior High Boys had a close win on the road against the Carroll Academy Rebels on Tuesday, November 13.

The Panthers were coming into the game 3-0, beating Sylva Bay Monday, the day before.

Carroll Academy was coming into the game 3-0 as well after beating Starkville on Friday, November 9th.

Corey Jackson stated, “We have went through a hard week of practice, coming off the win last night to Sylva Bay we feel confident about this game.”

The panthers started the game off a little slow, they were executing on offense but there defense was struggling.

The game was close the majority of the time, the biggest lead was 10 points and that was the Panthers leading the Rebels 22-12

The Panthers started stepping up in the beginning of the second quarter leading the game 28-19.

The Rebels showed no sign of giving up though, they were fighting as hard as they could, and they showed it.

The Panthers got a break after the Rebels took out their two starting guards due to their stamina,  and both teams continued fighting hard and trying to get the win.

The Rebels crowd was very loud, and kept the Rebels playing.

The score going into halftime was 33-24.

It was a very close game and it was going to come down to whoever wanted it more.

Dakota Jordan stated, “We really didn’t play our best in the first half, we came out lazy. Coach Jeffords told us at halftime to quit messing around and take this game serious. We took that to heart and came out hot in the second half.”

The second half started and the Panthers were really starting to show their teamwork and started playing a whole different game than they did in the first half.

They weren’t the only team that came out fighting though, the Rebels weren’t going to let down.

Corey Jackson got a steal in the third quarter and took it down the court to finish with a dunk, this gave the Panthers a lot of momentum.

The third quarter ended with the score being 36-29 with the Panthers still leading the game.

Corey Jackson, one of the Panthers key players was taken out at the end of the third quarter due to having to play high school.

The fourth quarter started and the Rebels brought the score to 36-33

The Rebels were starting to gain momentum, the Panthers had to find a way to score on offense.

With two minutes left in the game the Panthers were still leading with the score 41-35, and both teams weren’t giving up.

The game stayed 41-35 until thirty seconds left in the game, the Rebels were able to make a layup that brought the score to 41-37

Dakota Jordan took the ball down the court, drove in the paint and made an and one.

He then made the free throw that brought the score to 44-37 and that ended the game.

Both teams played very well, and both wanted the win, but only one team could come out with the win and that was the Panthers.

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Ty Townsend, Opinion Editor

Ty Townsend is a sophomore at Canton Academy. He is the opinion editor for The Panther Post. He likes sports, food, and clothes. He does not like homework....

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Close Win at Caroll For Jr. High Boys