Pee Wee Basketball Girls and Boys Are Ready to Play!

Sara Lampkin, Staff Writer

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Sara Kennedy Lampkin

PP Staff Writer


This season Canton Academy’s pee-wee basketball boys and girls teams are pumped up and ready to be back on the court.

The pee-wee basketball teams play every Saturday starting early in the morning with the 4th and 5th grade girls.

Anna Morgan Anderson, 5th grade basketball player said “I’m looking forward to winning most of our games this season.”

Anderson also said “My favorite part about being on the basketball team is being able to hang out with my friends doing a sport that we all like.”

Gates Welch, 6th grade basketball player said that she hopes to win the over-all tournament like her 5th grade team did last year.

Welch added “The team all together is best at fast breaking because we are really good at hustling.”

Welch said that it’s important to hustle because it could be the winning or losing factor.

The 6th grade girls are ready for their games this season and want to try their best to go undefeated.

Welch’s favorite basketball player is Victoria Vivians because she played at Mississippi state and that’s her favorite college.

The 5th and 6th grade boys started their season off with a win over Benton Academy beating them 54-4.

JD Kelly, 5th grade basketball player said, “our team is best at moving the ball around and passing it a lot.”

Kelly plays on the wing for his team.

Kelly said that his goal is to score 12 points every game.

The 5th and 6th grade boys practice two times a week.

This will be Kelly’s first year to play basketball but he is really excited and very happy that he decided to play because it’s now one of his favorite sports.

Kelly said “My favorite thing about being on the team is hanging out with my friends and playing the sport.”

Kelly said “My favorite professional basketball player is Michael Jackson.” (Jordan)

Kelly also said “it is important to hustle because if you hustle, you win.”

The pee-wee basketball boys also play every Saturday and they play the last games of the morning.

Kelly said “I want to have a good season with my friends and see how many games that we can win.”

He also said that he wants to make it to the overall championship tournament and win the whole thing with his team.

The pee-wee girls won the championship tournament last year and said that they are hoping to win it for a second year in a row.

The boys team is also hoping to win first place in the tournament this year.

All the teams are very involved and get really into the game, they both really hustle and try their best on the court.

All the teammates cheer each other on, it doesn’t matter if they are on or off the court.

All of the pee-wee teams are fired up and ready to play their games this season and would love to have some fans in the stands.

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Pee Wee Basketball Girls and Boys Are Ready to Play!