Horses a way of life for CA student

Abbey Magee, PP Staff Writer

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Allaina Nichols a 12th grader at Canton Academy is very passionate about horses.

Nichols has been obsessed with horses sense she was little.

She really didn’t have a certain reason why she was just always obsessed.

Nichols said, “They are so beautiful and free i couldn’t help but be in love with them.”

She has been showing horses since she was 11 years old.

Nichols has done a lot of different events in the shows and to get ready for these shows it takes a lot of work.

Nichols explained that you have to wash the horse, brush the horse, get the tack together, work the patterns.

Her favorite event to do herself is the Horsemanship event.

Nichols likes this event because she said, “It’s fun and her and her horse do it good together.”

Horsemanship consists of several cones that you have to do a pattern around.

Nichols has won a lot of awards, she is good at what she does.

Nichols most recent award was the Youth High Point Award at State of Mississippi Horse Show Association.

According to their website, the association consist of entering through email and you have to do it before a deadline and there is no refunds once committed.

Nichols most cherished and important award was the belt buckle she won at her first Horsemanship event.

She is in an association to get into horse shows and to be apart of something.

Nichols says , “ Usually you can just go and sign up to be in the shows though.”

She has traveled all over the world for these shows and never gets tried of it.

Nichols seems like she is shy at school but you have to be very brave to get in front of those people.


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Horses a way of life for CA student