Students have opinions about skirt lengths

SK Lampkin, staff writer

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There has been a recent crackdown on the lengths of skirts around the school.

The staff at Canton Academy have been complaining a lot recently about the lengths of skirts.

Mrs. Courtney Warren said, “ If your skirt is to0 short, which is a CA dress code violation, then yes you should be punished appropriately.”

Warren also said, “it is not that the teachers are trying to punish you or make you mad, it’s that we are trying to teach you to love yourself and know what length your skirt should be to be appropriate for a school setting.”

Girls have been threatened by the teachers that if they do not stop rolling and pulling up there school uniform skirts that there will be no more skirts, only khaki pants.

Reagan Cole, sophomore says, “ the teachers are saying that if we do not stop rolling our skirts and not wearing them at the right length that we will start having to wear khaki pants like the boys and that’s the last thing I want.”

The teachers are saying that one way to stop this from happening is un-rolling the school uniform skirts and not wearing them pulled up either.

If this is the way that the girls at the school can prevent having to wear khaki pants then they should consider this option.

However, some of the teachers do not understand the struggle of finding a school uniform that actually fits well.

There is always a problem with the skirts, either they are too big, too long, too short, or too tight.

Warren said, “you should be able to plan accordingly and know how your skirt needs to be altered. I wore school uniforms so I know that frustration. I also know that sometimes students can’t control when a skirt is delivered or available. However, you can definitely control rolling it up to be shorter.”

The issue of the lengths of the skirts have been around Canton Academy for a few years now, but the teachers and staff members are seriously trying to put an end to it now.

Maybe there can be a compromise take place.

The teachers should be only punishing the girls who’s skirts really are to short.

It is not fair to the girls who do what they are supposed to do and follow the rules.

Some teachers said that the way that instead of there being a fingertip rule there should be an inch rule.

Warren also said, “I think its really important that we explain the reason we want the skirts to be fixed, its not about the boys. It’s that we want the girls to respect their bodies and to honor God with the way you dress.”

Hunter Pigott, sophomore said, “Most of the girls have a long enough skirt, so it really doesn’t need to be that big of a deal.”

Pigott said “Whatever the girls wear they are going to find a way to mess the dress code up and get in trouble.”

John Marc O’cain, sophomore said, “ guys don’t really pay that much attention to the girls skirts, but its kind of annoying having to keep hearing about it.”

O’cain also said, “ it’s easy to avoid being in trouble over a skirt, I don’t think that making the girls wear pants is going to fix the problem.” 

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Students have opinions about skirt lengths