Junior spin cotton candy for funds

Hunter Pigott, Panther Post Staff Writer

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The Juniors of Canton Academy have found a way to raise money without having to ask people for things.

Lane Martin, class president, said, “I am the communicator for the ones who want to be a part of the fundraiser

Martin is the one that gets people involved.

He makes sure that everyone in the junior class is a part of the fundraiser and lets people know what they can do to help them out with the fundraiser.

Martin was asked what are you selling for the fundraiser and he said, “we are selling cotton candy at each home game.”

Cotton candy is a good attraction because kids love it.

Martin said, “The cotton candy fundraisers are going to take place during all major sporting events.”

These home games bring in more people so therefore that gives them a better chance at raising more money for their cause.

Since they are doing this cotton candy fundraiser at all major sporting events this may lead to a high amount of money that is raised for the juniors.

Martin said, “The goal for the fundraiser was to raise a little over 2,200 dollars.”

If they end up meeting this goal or even high than this goal they will be set to buy anything they need for prom that has to do with setting up and making sure they have a good time.

There are a lot of juniors this year and the more money they make the better off they will be because if they don’t have enough then they may not be able to get what they want.

If they end up setting their goal really low than that won’t give them enough room to buy what they need.

Raising money for this may lead to a better prom which leads to a better junior year.

The main thing is having a good time at prom and buying things that would make prom better or more fun would make the juniors night.

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Junior spin cotton candy for funds