Students bring small groups back to CA

Sara Kennedy Lampkin, staff writer

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With the knowledge that Canton Academy would not have small groups this year, a group of students went to the administration and requested those groups be reinstated.

Bethany Biggers, juniors, brought up bringing back small groups in a class officer meeting.

Biggers said, “I brought this up because small groups really helped my grade when we used to have them and we all really missed them.”

Biggers said that right when she mentioned bringing back small groups everyone agreed with the idea and started pitching in.

Craig Bowman, Small group leader for the senior boys said, “ I like the big chapels because I like having guest speakers come and speak to the kids.”

Bowman also said that he thinks that his senior boys benefit more from the small groups because they talk about things that they are interested in.

Bowman lets the boys decide what topics they talk about for his small group sessions.

Kathleen Penn, small group leader for the sophomore girls, said she loves doing small groups.

Penn said,  “I like having all girls and being able to talk about girl problems, if it was boys and girls together the kids would not be able to be open and honest.”

Penn said that small groups do not put any more stress on her as a teacher and that she is really enjoying being a small group leader this year.

Courtney Warren, small group leader of 7th grade girls said, “ I really like our small group because we do something different than any other small group.”

Warren’s small group bible journals.

Bible journaling is worshiping through art by painting and writing in your bible.

Every week the 7th graders and Warren bible journal during there small group time.

The girls have a choice to do there bible journaling in a composition notebook or bring their bible from home.

Delta Davidson, 7th grader said, “ I like bible journaling because it makes studying the bible more fun and helps you understand better, you also can express yourself through art.”

Warren has been doing bible journals for 4 years.

The 7th grade girls really love to bible journal during there small group time and are very thankful that Warren has decided to share one of her favorite ways to worship with them.

Small groups at Canton Acadmey are a work in progress and they keep on getting better.

All the students really seem to enjoy the small groups this year.

Every week the school alternates between having a big chapel and having a small group session.

Small groups have been an on and off deal over the years at Canton Academy but they are back for this year thanks to Bethany Biggers and her class officers in her grade for bringing to her teachers attention.

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Students bring small groups back to CA